The Berry College MBA

A part-time evening program designed for working professionals.

Why you should get a Berry MBA:

  • Increased salary! Let's face it-the idea of a higher salary is attractive to everyone. Especially now when you are faced with an unstable economy. What will you do about college tuition for your children? What will you do about retirement? Extra income will help with those concerns.
  • Advance your career! Many executive and senior management positions now require an MBA. It's not just 'a good idea' anymore; an MBA is a necessity.
  • Networking! An MBA degree offers you access to a wide network of MBA students, alumni, faculty, business and community leaders. How useful is that when you are searching for job opportunities, developing a career plan, or pursuing expertise outside your current field?
  • Skills! The Berry MBA teaches Finance, Accounting, Management and Marketing. You will also learn about leadership, teamwork, ethics and communication. What an amazing way to broaden your horizons!

Our students come from a variety of fields, industries and backgrounds. Most stay in the area and are employed by local organizations such as Pirelli Tire, Mohawk, Shaw Industries, Floyd Medical Center, local banks, accounting firms and non-profits. Our graduates are the leaders in our community!


Berry College, Rome, GA, is an outstanding business school, according to the education services company, The Princeton Review ( The Company features the school in the new 2014 edition of its annual guidebook. According to Robert Franek, Princeton Review Senior VP-Publisher, "We consider Berry College one of the best institutions a student could attend to earn an MBA. We selected the schools we profile in this book--280 of which are in the USA and 16 are international--based on our high regard for their academic programs and our reviews of institutional data we collect from the schools. We also solicit and greatly respect the opinions of the students attending these schools who rate and report on their experiences at them on our 80-question survey for the book."

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