Department of Kinesiology

Kinesiology is one of the most vibrant and unique academic departments on campus. The unmatched beauty of Berry's campus - with its thousands of acres of fields, forests, lakes and trails - makes it an ideal setting for developing a vigorous and physically active lifestyle. In the Department of Kinesiology we strive to assist in this lifestyle development through our general education offerings and degree programs. 

Berry College students are required to complete three credits of  General Education in Kinesiology. Students must complete one Kinesiology Lecture course and two Kinesiology Activity courses. Students may choose from a wide range of courses, which include: 

  • Lecture courses, such as First Aid, Survey of Wellness and College Health Topics.
  • Lifetime sporting activities, such as bowling, golf and tennis.
  • Fitness activities, such as weight training, fitness walk/jog and yoga.

The Kinesiology Department offers an  Exercise Science major, for students who are interested in the science of physical activity its relationship to and health, sports medicine and promoting the significance of a physically active lifestyle. The Exercise Science major provides a program of study that offers high quality courses and learning environment to help students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue a career in their field of interest. 

Another degree option allows highly motivated students interested in specified careers in Kinesiology to develop a sport-related concentration within an  Interdisciplinary Studies degree program. This individualized course of study is administered (and must be approved) through the Interdisciplinary Studies program coordinator.