What is it?

Peer2Peer (P2P) is a program designed to help both upper classmen and lower classmen grow as students, leaders and members of the Berry Community.  Our goal is to provide them with an opportunity to grow in the Berry community through the mentoring experience.

Who can do it?

This program is open to all Berry students but is limited to freshman being mentored by sophomores, juniors and seniors. We believe that this structure is most beneficial because while both parties can learn from each other, we do believe that the upper classmen have more leadership as well as more college experience in general. 

When and how often are the meetings?

Required meetings with your mentor/mentee will be held for one hour once every month at a place and time of your choosing. Also, we encourage you to meet with your P2P partner weekly to keep a current update on their progress and life.

What do I get out of it? 

Mentors will get credit for volunteer hours that can go towards building your resume.

Mentees will get the privilege of having a mentor and friend to assist them in getting through the academic year. 

Where are the meetings held?

Meetings can be held on campus (dorm hall lobbies, Dhall, Valhalla, Krannert, etc) or you can choose to have your meetings off campus (over dinner, while running errands, grocery shopping, etc). We do not restrict you to staying on campus although there are various opportunities to hang out on campus like at MISP events, KCAB events, Mountain Day, Marthapalooza, Campus Outreach, and many many others.

What will I be mentoring/ mentored about?

This mentoring program will not only be centered around academics, but also on planning for the future and life in general. This program is meant to be an extension of the BCC 100 First- Year Experience mentoring program, but instead of one mentor per class, each mentor will be assigned to their own mentee for an entire academic year.