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Laura Miller

Laura Miller, Admission Counselor

Hometown: Atlantic Beach, FL
Degree: B.S. in Business Administration, Berry College

I hope I can share my Berry with you, to see if it should become your Berry. My time at Berry stands out as a major highlight in my life. From the day I first drove on campus I knew this place was exactly where I should be. The surroundings are somewhat surreal because of the beauty. Being a Florida girl I enjoyed the best of both worlds, I loved getting to see the seasons change, meeting people from all over, then I got to go home on break to enjoy the sand and the surf. Ideal huh?  

However great the scenery is, it was the friendships and mentoring I received that I treasure most. Having already sent one daughter off to a large University, it was so hard to relate to her experience. She never seemed to even have an opportunity to connect to a professor or really form meaningful friendships. So opposite from what I experienced at Berry.  

Funny story, just about everyone on Berry campus has a job, my first job was in admissions, I got to give tours of the campus and help out with administrative duties. 

Well here I am, a few years later- in between I had jobs at Ford Motor Company, Allstate Business Systems, married and had nine children, five girls and four boys that range in age from 8 years old to 22 years old-feeling so privileged to serve Berry and the students of Florida. I invite all of you Floridians to contact me to arrange a visit, this is a must see campus!! You need to experience it firsthand!