Mountain Day

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Mountain Day is coming up October 1, 2016! See the schedule.

Register online now for:

High School/Academy Reunion Brunch
College Reunion Brunch
Milestone Class Reunion Reception
(for classes of 76A, 76C, 91C, 06C)

Experience old and new traditions:

Mountain Day Parade & Olympics  
The Mountain Day Convocation Service   
The Picnic and Grand March  
Shop Berry Student Enterprises on the Mountain at the Grand March site   
The Class Reunion Brunch at Ford
  - New this year: Access your Reunion Committee Planning Documents
Pennies for Martha Campaign 

The following classes will gather for a 10:30 a.m. College Reunion Brunch at the Ford Reflecting Pools outside the Alumni Center:
1971A, 1971C, 1976A, 1976C, 1981A, 1981C, 1986C, 1991C, 1996C, 2001C, 2006C, 2011C. Register for the College Reunion brunch.

High School/Academy Alumni will meet for a Reunion Brunch at 9:30 a.m. in Hill Dining Hall. Register for the HS/A brunch now.

Why should you attend your class reunion?

  • You'll get that face to face interaction you can’t get from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. — you can actually hug your friends in person!
  • You'll enjoy the beauty of the Berry campus once more. We've just been named the most beautiful college campus in the world by Buzzfeed. But we knew that!
  • Expand your personal network among former classmates and friends.