Recycling is an easy way for students to make a big difference. Recycling has countless economical and environmental benefits such as saving resources, reducing pollution, and conserving energy. For the past four years, Berry has participated in the Recyclemania competition. As a required "tangible impact" for the Presidents' Climate Commitment, our participation encourages students to take advantage of the recycling facilities available and lessen their impact on the environment.

Berry’s recycling is unique because it is co-mingled, meaning ALL your recyclables can all be dumped into one bin. Our recycle bins are in most of our academic buildings and dormitories located next to doors, bathrooms, and stairwells. Remember: it is important to keep waste out of the recycle bin because contaminated recyclables are not accepted at the recycling plant.

What CAN be recycled on Berry campus:

Aluminum Cans
Plastic Containers and Bottles
Tin Cans
Mixed Paper
Plastic Grocery Bags

What CANNOT be recycled on Berry Campus:

Food Scraps
Plastic Utensils
Plastic and Paper Cups
Napkins/Paper towels
Pizza Boxes
Plastic Film
Waxed Paper