Summer Reading Program

God's Hotel by Victoria Sweet

God’s Hotel is the story of San Francisco’s Laguna Honda Hospital, one of the last almshouses in the country, where technological advances and healthcare efficiencies are few, but time is plentiful.  In this chronic care facility for the city’s indigent, doctors have the luxury of getting to know their patients, listening to their stories, observing their conditions and mulling the best course of treatment for each individual. In addition to telling the stories of these patients and chronicling the evolution of Laguna Honda into a modern skilled nursing facility, Sweet shares her own transformation from a busy young physician to a seasoned practitioner of “slow medicine.” During her years at Laguna Honda, Sweet also completed a PhD in history, exploring the medical writings of Hildegard von Bingen, an 11th Century Benedictine nun and healer whose teachings came to inform Sweet’s philosophy and practice.

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