Berry offers a number of international internships through the following providers: 

CIS Abroad offers summer internships in several countries, many of which have no foreign language requirement. Students work with a Berry faculty member and earn Berry credit, which incurs a $100 per credit hour charge. 

Spanish Studies Abroad provides a combined internship/study program in Seville and Alicante, Spain and Cordoba, Argentina, worth up to 6 academic credits. 

Science and Engineering internships are available through the German Academic Exchange Service's RISE Program. No German language skills required.

Have you completed at least one year of college-level German?  You might be eligible for one of the internships through the American Association of Teachers of German.

FIE and  AIFS place students in numerous London organizations and offer summer or semester programs. 

Complete a 4-week, 4 credit hour summer internship through Massey University in New Zealand.  Add Massey's National Expedition, a two week staff-led expedition of the North and South Islands, and earn 4 additional credits.

The  ISA-ELAP program places students in community-development projects in a number of Latin American countries and includes an intensive Spanish language program. 

CIEE offers a credit-bearing internship as an elective in its Senegal semester program for students of French. 

Check out other internship opportunities with GoOverseas!

Student Teaching

Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching
This program has been discontinued

"I received four job offers in two days.. . the thing that impressed the principals the most was all of my study abroad experience." - Ellen C., Berry graduate 

More than twenty Berry students have participated in overseas student teaching since 1998. Teaching outside the US provides valuable professional and personal experience. 

Am I eligible?  
All students who meet the admission to Teacher Education criteria and maintain a 3.0 GPA are eligible to apply for overseas student teaching. ESOL, EDU 434 and EDU 495 must be completed before spring of the senior year.  Students must complete the application, get letters of recommendation and be approved by the CSEHS Admissions and Certification Committee. 

When does it happen? 
The teaching abroad experience is offered the first seven weeks of the spring semester in the senior year. Juniors should apply by March 30. 

Where can I go? 
The following countries are suitable for the Berry student teaching calendar: Bahamas, Ecuador, England, Germany, Ireland, Mexico and Switzerland. Others may be available - contact Ms. Fran Roe for more information.

How much does COST cost? 
Participants pay Berry College tuition fees for the semester, plus a $300 fee to COST. All transportation, room and board, passport, visa and insurance costs are paid by the student. 

Where will I live? 
Depending on placement, housing possibilities include host family, sharing an apartment and residence hall living. 

Who supervises my student teaching? 
Supervision may be provided by the director or principal of the school, a senior teacher, an educator specially employed for this purpose, and/or a professor from the COST program. 

What else?  
EDU 222 may be completed as an independent study while student teaching abroad. Contact your academic adviser.