Women's & Gender Studies Events


Monday 2/9: National African American Read-In in the Library at 7pm CE Credit
Come listen to members of the Berry College community read works by published female African American authors as well as from their own original works of writing. All members of the Berry community are welcomed, and encouraged, to participate. Food and musical entertainment provided. For more information please contact MISP, Dr. Susan Conradsen, and/or the Memorial Library staff.

2/9: EMPOWER Sexual Health Valentines meeting, 6:30 in Krannert 106
Come out and help EMPOWER make Sexual Health Valentines!

2/12: Healthy Relationships Talk with the Bissonnettes, 6:30 pm in McAllister Auditorium CE Credit
Come listen to Dr. Bissonnette, social psychologist and faculty member of the Berry College Psychology Department, and his wife, Pamela Bissonnette, discuss how they have fostered their loving and healthy marriage.

2/13 at 8pm & Saturday 2/14 at 8pm: The Vagina Monologues in Krannert Underground CE Credit
Come out to the inspiring reading of what it is like to live with a vagina from a variety of perspectives and experiences. Sponsored by EMPOWER & the Women's & Gender Studies Program.

2/18: Patricia Martin Holt, 6:00 in Evans Auditorium, CE Credit
Georgia author of the year 2013, Patricia Holt, will discuss her novel Committee of One: Making a Difference, One Life at a Time, the true story of Leila Wahbeh, whose courage and determination changed thousands of lives in the Palestinian refugee campus in Jordan. Sponsored by the Family Studies and Women's & Gender Studies Programs.

2/25: Hope Cottage's: "50 Shades of Grey Panel", 6-7pm in Krannert Ballroom
Panel discussion on the 50 Shades of Grey movie release exploring how the book and film potentially highlight abusive relationships instead of portraying a consensual BDSM sexual relationship. Sponsored by the Women's and Gender Studies Program and Hope Cottage. 

3/4: A Place at the Table Film Screening and Food Drive, 6-8pm in Krannert Ballroom A/B CE Credit
The film explores the serious economic, social , and cultural implications that hunger poses for our country; implications that could be solved if healthy foods were made more affordable and available to the American public. Discussion led by Dr. Conradsen and Chris Ferguson, a speaker from the Atlanta Food Bank, following the film.  Please bring canned/bagged food items to donate to the local community! Sponsored by the Women's & Gender Studies Program, the Sociology and Anthropology Department, and HHOPE.

3/16: Bonner Scholars' Program: "Erasing the Gender Gap" Panel, 5-6:30 in Evans Auditorium CE Credit
The panel will discuss how the advertising industry and the media portray gender differences in products, such as Bic's "Pens for Her" and other gendered products. Sponsored by the Bonner Scholarship Program and the Women's & Gender Studies Program.

3/18: Terra Firma Film Screening, 7-9:30  MacAllister 119 CE Credit
Terra Firma looks into the lives of female soldiers who have returned from the War on Terror with PTSD and other psychological condition that have hindered their ability to live freely in their every day lives. This film brings together the stories of four women who have served in Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan. Sponsored by EMPOWER, Alpha Zeta, SAVE, FFA, the Biology Department, & the Environmental Studies Department. 

3/19: Shatto Lecture: Doris Kearns Goodwin, 8:00pm, Cage CE Credit
Shatto Lecture given by world-renowned presidential historian and Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Doris Kearns Goodwin. The lecture will provide historical insights into the accomplishments and leadership of President Theodore Roosevelt. It will offer insights into the critical historical events associated with his presidency.

3/20: "Voices": Women's History Month, 7:00pm at the Jewel Box CE Credit   
Join us for a fun night of artistic fusion celebrating Women's History Month!  Listen to fellow Berry students, faculty, and staff perform slam poetry, read essays, poetry and/or short stories (of their own writing are of a female author they admire), perform live music, and display their visual art to celebrate Women's History Month.  As Malala Yousafazi says, "When the world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful".  Add your voice and artistic creation to portray the complexity and connectedness of women's lives. If you are interested in performing music, reading poetry or another form of literary work, or displaying art you have created for this event, please contact Dr. Susan Conradsen at sconradsen@berry.edu or Sara Gheesling at sara.gheesling@vikings.berry.edu. Sponsored by the Women's & Gender Studies Program and MISP.

3/25: Makers: Women Who Make America film screening, 7-8pm in Evans Auditorium CE Credit
This film will explore the impact the women's movement has had on the fields of business, space, Hollywood, comedy, war and politics, even though they have been, and in some respects still are, widely closed to women. Discussion with Dr. Snider will follow. Sponsored by the Women's and Gender Studies Program and the History Department.

3/26: From Place to Place film screening, 7pm in Krannert 217 CE Credit
This film follows the lives of three children who are growing up in America's Foster Care System. Discussion led by Dr. Conradsen will follow. Sponsored by Louise Cottage. The ladies of Louise Cottage work with the Open Door Home in Rome. Their mission is to provide the needs of the dependent, neglected, and/or abused children of Northwest Georgia and to help them live healthier, happier, and more productive lives. Louise Cottage hosts a variety of events for these children on campus at Berry or at their group home. The Ladies of Louise want people to realize that these children have to endure struggles that are often unknown to others, with most of the hardships being no fault of their own. We hope this movie can bring awareness to the Berry community about this issue in our society.

3/30: How I Survived My Eating Disorder, 5:30 in McAllister Auditorium CE Pending
Sara Gheesling, Berry College Peer Educator and senior psychology major, will discuss the complexity and epidemiology of eating disorders, as well as discuss her own personal battle with bulimia as a teenager. Although her eating disorder does not control her life with the severity it once did, Sara will explain how her eating disorder still affects her today and what we need to know about those individuals who are sufferers and survivors. Sponsored by the Berry College Peer Educators Program.

4/8: Fed Up Film Screening @ 7-9pm in Evans Auditorium CE Credit
Come learn the truth about the film industry and all the lies it wants you to believe about the food you eat. Discussion led by Sociology of Health students will follow. Sponsored by the Sociology/Anthropology Department and the Women's & Gender Studies Department.

4/16: F-Word Panel @ 6pm in Krannert 217 CE Credit
Come listen to Dr. Julia Barnes, Dr. John Countryman, and Dr. Jim Watkins discuss what feminism is and what the F-Word means to them. Sponsored by EMPOWER and the Women's and Gender Studies Program.  

4/17: Equal Pay Day Tabling & Bake Sale @ 11-1 in Krannert Lobby
Come learn about the wage gap that exists between women and men in various areas of the working world. To date, women make approximately $0.75 to every $1 a man makes. To demonstrate this gap, EMPOWER will be holding a bake sale where men will be charge $1 for baked goods and women $0.75. Sponsored by EMPOWER and the Women's and Gender Studies Program.

4/25: Women of WORTH Volunteer Day @ 10 am to 12 pm
EMPOWER will be getting a volunteer credit by helping the Women of WORTH Clinic with yard work and maintenance at the clinic. Anyone is welcomed to come help! Sponsored by EMPOWER.


Through 11/1: The Art of First Lady Ellen Axson Wilson exhibit at Oak Hill Museum

9/8: First EMPOWER meeting @ 6:30 in Krannert Underground
As the women’s and gender studies student organization on campus, EMPOWER hosts events to fundraise and raise awareness about issues such as: sexual health, violence against women, healthy body image, women’s history, masculinity studies, equal pay, LGBT issues, and more. We strive to EMPOWER our students and our community to work towards equality for all people despite race, class, gender, or sexual orientation. 

9/11: “Can I Kiss You?” with Mike Domitriz @ 4pm and 7:30pm. CE Credit

9/17: “Feeding Frenzy” Film Screening @ 5pm in Evans Auditorium. CE Credit

9/25: RAINN Day Defense Class sponsored by Catherine Cottage @ 5:54 in Cage 20
Catherine Cottage will be hosting a self-defense event and will cover the basics of self-defense with Shannon Bond followed by a short talk from Dr. Taylor. The Sexual Assault Center will provide information on their services. Any student, regardless of gender, is welcome to the event!

9/22 – 9/26 Teal Out! From 11-1 in Krannert Lobby
Catherine Cottage will be handing out teal ribbons to show support for victims and baked goods will be sold to raise money for the SAC. If you come by wearing teal, you can get a free treat!

9/27: Women of WORTH Swing Fling Fundraiser from 7-11 at Makerspace 336 Broad St.
Tickets are $15 for students, $20 advance, $25 at door. Proceeds benefit the Women of WORTH clinic.

10/8: “It’s A Girl” Film Screening @ 7pm in Krannert Ballroom. CE Credit
This film tells the stories of abandoned and trafficked girls, of women who suffer extreme dowry-related violence, or brave mothers fighting to save their daughters’ lives, and of other mothers who would kill for a son. Global experts and grassroots activists put the stories in context and advocate different paths towards change, while collectively lamenting the lack of any truly effective action against this injustice. Discussion led by Dr. Conradsen will follow. Co-sponsored with West Poland Service Cottage, BCVS, SAO, KCAB, MISP, Sociology and Anthropology Department, and Berry International Programs.

10/17: Walk A Mile in Her Shoes Walk at Rotary Plaza; registration begins @ 11am

10/20: Love Your Body Day pin making with EMPOWER @ 6:30 in Krannert Underground

10/21: Love Your Body Day Pin table @ 11am – 1pm in Krannert

10/23: Julia Garcia: Sex, Drugs, Alcohol & Everything In Between @ 6:30 in Evans Auditorium. CE Credit
Julia Garcia will explore with the audience the reality of life after the partying, fun, and hookups are over. She will share her own experiences with excessive partying that came to affect her life significantly. Julia connects with the audience through poetry, statistics, inspiring stories, and audience interaction. Sponsored by the Berry College Peer Educators.

10/28: Candlelight Vigil for sexual assault survivors @ 7 - 9pm at the College Chapel

11/6: Sholeh Wolpé reading @ 7:30 – 8:30 in McAllister Auditorium. CE Credit
Sholeh Wolpé was born in Iran and spent her teen years in Trinidad and the UK before settling in the United States. She is the recipient of 2013 Midwest Book Award, and 2010 Lois Roth Persian Translation Prize. A poet, literary translator and an editor, Wolpé’s eight books include: Keeping Time with Blue Hyacinths; Breaking the Jaws of Silence: Sixty American Poets Speak to the World, featuring some of the most respected voices in American poetry; and The Forbidden: Poems from Iran and its Exiles. Sholeh Wolpe will read and discuss her poetry.

11/11: Empty Bowls @ 5:30 – 7:30 at the Rome Civic Center

11/17: Catherine Cottage Book Club meeting to discuss Push by Sapphire @ 7:00pm in Catherine Cottage

11/19: America the Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandments Film Screening @ 5pm in Evans Auditorium. CE Credit
A new film by award-winning director Darryl Roberts who, in a follow-up to “America the Beautiful,” examines the cause of our country’s obsession with dieting. “America the Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandments” also weighs in on the raging debate between doctors who say fat is healthy versus those who disagree. The movie offers passionate and sometimes humorous documentation of the battle to be… well… thin. You see everything from gastric bypass surgery, an obsessed fitness fanatic, and a victim of anorexia. Discussion will follow led by Dr. Conradsen.

11/21: Brave Miss World film screening @ 6 - 8pm in MAC Auditorium. CE Pending
This film explores the trauma of sexual assault through one young woman's journey from teenage rape victim to Miss World to empowered lawyer and activist. Discussion led by Professor Holly Bradfield.