Animal Science

Berry College’s animal science and preveterinary medicine programs are designed to prepare students for a professional career in animal-related industries. The department of animal science provides students with a firm foundation in the biological and natural sciences as they relate to animal science in preparation for meaningful, rewarding and challenging animal-related professions. The program is based on high academic standards. This department emphasizes student-centered learning as demonstrated by the laboratories that are associated with the classes.


The animal-science curriculum is designed for students interested in professional careers in animal-related industries. Completion of the animal-science program prepares students to pursue careers encompassing all aspects of the vast field of animal production and management as well as related service industries.

Curriculum options are available for students interested in post-graduate education opportunities, including admission into a college of veterinary medicine. The program requirements are similar to those of the animal-science major. However, specific courses may be required in accordance with admission policies of the post-graduate institutions of interest. Course selections are made in consultation with your academic advisor.