Summer International Programs

Deposits are nonrefundable unless Berry cancels the program for insufficient enrollment. Prices are subject to change. Students taking six credit hours or more may be eligible to apply half of the HOPE scholarship for summer, but all fees must be paid up front. Please submit the information/health form, waiver of liability and passport copy to International Programs in Krannert 331 when you have made your first deposit. These forms are available on the IP public page of Viking Web. Scholarships are available.

Roatan, Honduras (May 12-16, Berry College; June 7-21, Honduras)
Courses: BIO 482 (4) or BIO 180 Biology Field Study (4 - gen ed)  
Price: $3310 (based on 12 students); does not include airfare
For more information:  Dr. Bill Davin, McAlister 366A, Ext. 2663

Greece and Turkey (May 13-26 with meetings at Berry the second half of spring semester)
Courses: EDU 222 Exploration of Diverse Cultures (3) AND/OR EDU 435 Ancient Greek Drama and Education (3)
Price (based on 15 students): $3960 (3 credits) $4350 (6 credits); estimated cost for meals not included:  $100
For more information:   Dr. Dara Wakefield, Cook 245, Ext. 7805

Stavanger, Norway (May 13-23 with meetings at Berry the second half of spring semester)
Course: EDU 222 Exploration of Diverse Cultures (3)
Price: $2845 (based on 8 students), $2995 (based on 12); estimated cost for meals not included: $80
For more information: Dr. Jill Cochran, McAlister 336B, Ext. 2264

Waterford, Ireland (June 19-July 24)
Various courses offered at upper and lower levels for 3 credits each; Berry students are required to take two classes and the 1 credit Irish culture course. 7 credits. Price: $4,800 plus $600 Berry tuition; estimated cost for personal expenses: $1000  
For more information: Dr. John Countryman, Blackstone 5013, Ext. 2258

Kingston, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay, Jamaica (May 11-16)
Undergraduate courses (students may take up to two): BUS 410 International Business (3), MGT 460 Special Topics – International Entrepreneurship (3), MKT 425 International Marketing (3)
Price (based on 10 students):  $2280 (3 credits); $4350 (6 credits)
Graduate courses: BUS 695 Special Topics in Management – International Entrepreneurship (3), BUS 668 International Management (3)
Price (based on 10 students): $2280 (3 credits); $3744 (6 credits)
Estimated cost for meals not included: $100
For more information:  Dr. Paula Englis, Green 226, Ext. 2683

San Jose and Santa Cruz, Costa Rica (May 21-June 10)
Courses:  STA 323 Latin Dance (4) AND/OR SPA 101 Introduction to Spanish (4) OR SPA 402 Introduction to Translation Studies (3)
Price (based on 10 students): $3000 (3-4 credits); $5075 (7 credits); $5800 (8 credits); expected cost for meals not included: $500 
For more information:  Dr. Jeanne Schul (Dance), Evans 206F, Ext. 6733;  Dr. Jennifer Corry (Spanish), Evans 127, Ext. 4067

STUDIES IN BRITISH CULTURE - Identity, Nationalism and Anglo-Irish Conflict in England and Ireland
England and Ireland (June 29-July 15 with meetings at Berry the second half of spring semester)
Courses: ENG 201: Topics in Literature (3) AND ENG 436: Studies in British Culture (3) OR 
COM 270: Visual Rhetoric (3)
Price (based on 10 students): $4500; estimated costs for meals not included:  $300 
For more information: Dr. Lara Whelan (English), Evans 215, Ext. 5876;  Dr. Brian Carroll (Communication), Laughlin 100, Ext. 6944

Madrid, Spain (June 3-28)
Courses: COM 428 Topics in Communication (3) AND COM 429: International Multimedia Reporting (3)
Price (based on 10 students): $4800; expected cost for meals not included:  $500
For more information: Prof. Kevin Kleine, Laughlin 109A, Ext. 7871

Guanacaste Provence, Costa Rica (May 12-June 28, tentative)
Courses: SPA/LCS 350 Pura Vida: Language and Culture in Costa Rica (3) AND SPA/LCS 496 Academic Internship (3)
Price: $2700 Pre-requisite: Intermediate-level Spanish proficiency 
Students will work as English teaching assistants in schools.  Housing with local families. 
For more information: Dr. Julia Barnes, Evans 206A, Ext. 5687

FOR MORE INFORMATION:  Contact International Programs, Krannert 331, at 706-233-4065 or

Other summer programs  
Check out the ISEP summer programs. 

Korean culture program: Bahrom International Program, South Korea. June 29-July 25.  Apply for a scholarship to attend a 3 credit hour course on all aspects of Korean culture (taught in English). Fulfills the 5th Humanities requirement. Open to returning students with a 2.75 minimum GPA. Application deadline February 7, 2014.

Intern abroad with cisabroad

American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS) - Austria, England, Ireland, Russia, South Africa

GlobaLinks - Australia and New Zealand -internships! Great Barrier Reef studies! Aboriginal studies!

International Studies Abroad (ISA) - Argentina, Costa Rica, France, Spain 

Spanish Studies Abroad - Alicante, Barcelona, or Seville, Spain; Cordoba, Argentina; Havana, Cuba 

Lorenzo de' Medici - Florence, Tuscania or Rome, Italy 

Organization for Tropical Studies with Duke University - Costa Rica (Fundamentals of Tropical Biology, 4 credits)

Studio Art Centers International - Florence, Italy (Art majors)

Spring Hill College - combine academic study with service

University of Limerick Summer Schools in Irish Studies - Limerick, Ireland Students choose one of five courses for three credits. 

Study in Salamanca, Spain through Augusta State University. (transient only)

Check out other programs at iiepassport or!