Peer tutoring session with students

Peer Tutoring

Peer Tutoring for the following classes is offered in a small-group setting by appointment. Come by yourself or bring friends and classmates!  Peer tutoring at Berry is a collaborative endeavor meant to make doing your homework, studying for exams, or mastering course content simpler and more enjoyable.


Animal Science














If you are looking for tutoring in Biology or Chemistry, visit our ASC Sessions page.

To make an appointment for Peer Tutoring, visit our online scheduling page. Detailed instructions for scheduling an appointment are below.

  • 1. Use your Berry College email address to sign in.  If this is your first time using tutoring, click the link “Register for an account” on the left side of the page.  
  • 2. Fill out all the required information and set email preferences.
  • 3. Login and from the drop down menu choose the “Peer Tutoring” option
  • 4. Find your class and a time that works with your schedule. The blocks of time that are white or bright blue are the times that tutor is available. If the block of time is purple, the tutor is unavailable.
  • 5. Click on the white or bright blue time slot that works in your schedule. A pop up menu will appear. Adjust the time and choose a reason for appointment from the drop down menu if prompted to do so.

Other Tutoring Services on Campus

  • Math Lab:  All math tutoring is coordinated by the Math Department.  Please contact Dr. Zahava Wilstein at for more information.
  • Economics Tutoring:  The Economics Department provides drop-in economics tutoring throughout the week.  Please contact Dr. Lauren Heller at lheller@berry.edufor more information.
  • The Writing Center is also available to aid students through the writing process. Please visit their page for more information.

If you are looking for tutoring in a class we do not currently offer, we encourage you to set up an Individual Academic Consultation (IAC) and contact us at