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Student Involvement

Students working with the cattle

The Berry Angus Enterprise is managed by Berry College students, who serve in various roles within the business, such as Chief Executive Officer, Business Manager, and Cattle Manager.

The C.E.O. is responsible for the overall coordination of the enterprise; supervising all other employees of the enterprise.  The C.E.O. organizes and resides over business meetings, provides financial reports to the co-manager (a Berry college faculty or staff member), and monitors the health of the herd.  The position of C.E.O. is held by someone who demonstrates maturity, dedication, and who has a basic knowledge of the beef cattle industry.

The Business Manager is responsible for the accounting and marketing aspects of the enterprise.  Such responsibilities include creating the budget and keeping the C.E.O. informed of the enterprise’s financial standing. 

The Cattle Manager is responsible for the health of the herd, including nutrition.  The Cattle Manager is also responsible for the maintenance of the facilities, such as fencing and barns.  He or she must have a basic knowledge of beef cattle systems. 

 These positions are filled by Berry College students who display a strong interest in learning the various processes of a beef cattle operation.  All students involved must practice excellent time-management skills to maintain classroom responsibilities as well as the responsibilities of the enterprise.  A position within the Berry Angus enterprise provides an excellent opportunity for students to supplement their classroom experience with real-world application.

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