Leadership & Service Awards

Every spring, the Berry College Volunteer Services and Student Activities Office join together to celebrate leadership and service at Berry College. The Leadership and Service awards program is held in late April and is designed to recognize Berry students and faculty for their outstanding leadership in student life over the previous year. The campus community is invited to nominate organizations, groups and individuals who have demonstrated leadership qualities and have risen above the expectations for the average Berry student. 

Please complete the online Wufoo nomination form by Friday, April 3, 2015. Winners will be honored at the Leadership and Service Awards on April 20, 2015 at 7 p.m. in the Krannert-Spruill Ballroom.

Campus Leadership Awards

Lambda Sigma "Rising Leader Freshman Award

The Rising Leader award is given to a freshman who has exhibited superior commitment, responsibility, dedication, and leadership skills within a student organization. Nominations should include an explanation of why the student is deserving of the award and specific examples of his/her leadership contributions. 

Multicultural and International Student Leadership Award

This award is given to 2 students who have exhibited qualities of leadership and project the mission of the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs through their roles as student leaders during the year.  The goal of the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs is to foster a supportive environment for both international students and students of color to live, learn and grow as active members of the academic community and as individuals. The primary focus is to educate, inform, and enlighten the community at-large of the diverse needs of all students at Berry College and to assist in the recruitment, transition, retention, and graduation of multicultural and international students.  All Berry students are eligible, regardless of background.  Nominations should include an explanation of why the nominee should be recognized, including pertinent leadership qualities and contributions to the Berry community through activities and projects. 

ODK "Aspire to the Top" Senior Leadership Award

This award is given to a graduating senior (May or December) for demonstrating consistent leadership in campus activities throughout his or her time at Berry and showing exemplary character in his or her interactions with others.  This person should demonstrate character qualities such as integrity, responsibility and genuine fellowship.  Nominations should include an explanation of why the senior is deserving of the award, including examples of his/her leadership and service to the Berry community.

Religion in Life Award for Service and Leadership

This award acknowledges a student who has promoted the "heart" part of Berry's mission through devoted servant leadership in religious life on campus and beyond.

Service Awards

Heart of Berry

This award recognizes groups and individuals who have demonstrated exceptional volunteer service through active and consistent participation in the community.  Faculty, staff, individual students and/or student organizations are eligible.   

Best Service Project of Event

This award goes to the best service project or event through which groups/organizations/individuals have teamed up to make an impact on the Rome/Floyd County or the Berry Community.  Nominations should include names of the participating groups, location of service in the community, and description of impact made.  

Do Something

This award is for an individual or group who plan a service or philanthropic project to benefit others and "do something" good for a community.  Berry recognized student organizations are not eligible for this award.  Examples include Up Til Dawn, The SOUP, Dr. Santa Claus, etc. 

Integrating Service & Residence Life: Outstanding RA

This award goes to an individual RA who has shown a willingness and dedication to serve and encourages fellow RAs to do so too. 

Integrating Service & Residence Life:  Outstanding RA Staff

This award goes to a group of RA's who have worked together to serve and make an impact on the Rome/Floyd Community.  This group will have encouraged their residents to have a servant mindset and share in a commitment to service.  

Student Organization & Programming Awards

Best Social Program

The Best Social Program award is given to a unique or creative program with good attendance that attracted a diverse audience (KCAB is not eligible).  

Best Cultural/Educational Program

The Best Cultural/Educational Program Award is given to a unique or creative program with good attendance where the content of the program was beneficial to the audience and/or increased awareness of a topic/issue. 

Best Co-Sponsored Program

The Best Co-Sponsored Program Award is presented to two or more organization/ groups working in cooperation on a unique or creative project/ program that benefits the campus of community and had good attendance.  Members from both groups should have participated in the implementation of the project. 

Most Improved Organization Award

The Most Improved Organization Award is awarded to a recognized student organization for an increase in active membership from the previous year, successful retention of members throughout the year, and increased presence or enhanced image on campus from the previous year. 

Carol Willis Outstanding Advisor Award

The Carol Willis Outstanding Advisor Award is presented to a recognized student organization advisor that encourages members to improve their leadership skills and empowers officers to carry out tasks and requirements for being a recognized student organization.  This advisor has a clear understanding of the student’s needs, and is supportive and available to officers and members when needed. The recipient must have served as an advisor for a minimum of two years for an organization.(The award cannot be given to the same person two years in a row; 2013-2014 was Dale McConkey) 

Outstanding Organization Team Award

The Outstanding Organization Team Award is presented to a group of officers who have worked well together and led their organization to a more productive year. This award is not about a president or a treasurer, but rather the collective efforts of all officers. 

Outstanding Organization Officer Award

The Outstanding Organization Officer Award is presented to a recognized student organization officer that has held a position for at least one year.  The officer should demonstrate commitment to the success of the organization, is available to members when needed, impacts the quality of the organization, and displays responsible and enthusiastic behavior.  (The award cannot be given to the same person two years in a row; 2013-2014 was Kay Casto) 

Outstanding Organization

The Outstanding Organization Award is awarded to a group that works well together as a team and displays enthusiasm for programs that they sponsor. This group participates in programs designed to enhance club effectiveness as sponsored by Student Activities, maintains good standing with SGA and takes and active role in student/ campus life.