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Oak Hill
The property was purchased by Thomas Berry in 1871 for $9,000 from Andrew M. Sloan. The original Victorian-style farmhouse, which was built in 1847, burned in 1884 and Thomas Berry built a Greek-style Revival home, which became known as Oak Hill. It was redesigned in 1927 when Martha Berry gained sole ownership. Today, it is preserved as it was when she lived there and serves as a historic house museum. Architecturally, it is a typical example of the Colonial Revival influence so popular in the design of Southern antebellum dwellings and later 19th- and early 20th century American homes. Oak Hill is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, among the 89 buildings that comprise the Berry campus that are more than 50 year old. It is open to the public daily. A small admission fee is charged, and a guided tour is provided.
Fun Fact
Scenes from the movie Sweet Home Alabama (Dir. Andy Tenant, D & D, 2002) were shot at Oak Hill.
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