Richmond, American International University

London, England

Richmond is located in London, home to seven million, and a major political, economic, and cultural center. The National Art Gallery, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey are only a few of the many intriguing sites to see. London is also known for having more parks and gardens than any other capital in the world.

Program of Study 
Richmond, The American International University, is a liberal arts and professional studies university with over 1,000 students. Sophomore students live and take classes at the Richmond Hill Campus. Juniors and seniors live and take classes at the Kensington Campus in picturesque central London. Each campus is equipped with computer labs and libraries. Internship opportunities are also available! 

Living Arrangements
Sophomores are housed in double rooms at the Richmond Hill Campus, about 30 minutes by tube from the city center. Students are provided eighteen meals per week in the Richmond student cafeteria. Juniors and seniors live in double and triple rooms in the University Residence Halls in Kensington, central London. They are provided ten meals per week in the student cafeteria. 

Students pay Berry College tuition.  Current room and partial-board fees are $6200, there is an application fee of $95 and a refundable damage deposit of $250.  Prices are subject to change, and other fees may apply. See the estimated budget in the information box.

Students must be sophomores, juniors or seniors with a 2.5 minimum GPA. A Tier 4 visa is required for the internship program, or if a student desires to work.  Click  here for current information on visas to the UK.

Additional Information
Students are often asked for proof of finances upon entering the UK; this includes evidence you have paid for your program and the equivalent of GBP 800 for each month of your stay. Please note this is an international university and very few British students attend.