Havana, Cuba

Spanish Studies Abroad

Spanish Studies Abroad is located in Havana, Cuba. La Habana was founded in 1514, and was once known as a very prosperous port city. It is the capital of Cuba and is situated on the Northern coast. Its diverse cultural and political heritage, along with its idyllic landscapes, make it an ideal place to study abroad. 

Programs of Study 
Students can select from several programs at Universidad de la Habana: 

Spanish Studies Program focuses on language and culture learning. Classes are with a mix of international students.  
Fall: late August-late December   Spring: February - May

Integrated Studies Program allows students to take regular university classes with local students. 
Fall: late August-late December   Spring: February – May 

Summer Term allows students to take one 4-credit class in language or culture during the month of June.  

The programs also provide numerous activities and excursions for students. 

Living Arrangements 
Students are housed in double rooms in Casa Vera, similar to a B&B, near the University of Havana. Students will be in shared rooms, and each room has its own bathroom. 3 meals a day are provided. 

Students pay Berry College semester tuition. Prices are subject to change, and other fees may apply. 

Students need a 3.0 minimum GPA in Spanish coursework and have junior or senior standing. 

Spanish Studies: successful completion of the intermediate level of college Spanish or the equivalent 

Integrated Studies: successful completion of two semesters of advanced level Spanish or the equivalent. 

Summer Term: completion of one course in college-level Spanish or the equivalent