Glasgow, Scotland

The University of Glasgow is located in the west end of the city. Nestled on the banks of the River Clyde, Scotland’s largest city is a vibrant, stylish and cultural place to live and study. It’s a student-oriented city, boasting 3 universities, one of the world’s most prestigious Art Schools, Scotland’s leading music conservatory and ten colleges within its boundaries. 

Program of study 
The University of Glasgow is the second oldest university in Scotland and fourth oldest in the UK. It has been welcoming international students for more than 20 years. Honors students study with the Principia Consortium from September–December or January–May and can choose 2 or 3 modules (courses) from subjects in Arts, Information and Mathematical Sciences, Biomedical & Life Sciences, Law, Business and Social Sciences, Physical Sciences and Engineering. Click here to access the course catalog. Glasgow also offers an international summer program, which is not exclusive to Honors students.

Special honors course 
“The Scottish Enlightenment” - Using major figures and ideas from the Scottish Enlightenment, Honors students will see how those ideas continue to be important in intellectual and cultural life in the 21st century. Interdisciplinary perspectives from art/aesthetics, religion, philosophy, politics/economics, and science will inform this course. This module fulfills an HON 250 elective and the 5th humanities requirement. 

Living arrangements 
Most of the university’s student accommodation is within walking distance of the main campus. The majority of residences are self-catering apart from Wolfson Hall, which contains a dining hall. Single or twin rooms are available; however, twin rooms are quite common. Also, your choice of residence may determine your meal plan (self-catered vs. provided). Please note that students may not always receive their preferred hall, especially those enrolling for the spring semester. Once accepted, the student will receive an email containing an access code which will allow them to begin the housing application process. Students are encouraged to apply early for accommodation. Learn more about Glasgow's student accommodation.

Students pay Berry College tuition. The housing fee depends on the student’s choice; click here for accommodation costs. Students should budget approximately £180 ($290) per month for self-catered meals. See Glasgow's estimates for the semester

This semester program is specifically for Berry’s honors students; the Principia Consortium recommends a GPA of at least 3.5. A student with a lower than 3.5 GPA should consult with one of the Honors Co-Directors. One reference letter, an official transcript, and statement of purpose are required with the application. The reference students use for the Berry approval may be used as one of the reference letters upon approval by the author. Students are normally expected to have completed their sophomore year by the time of entry. 

Visa information 
If US citizen students study in the UK for less than 6 months and are not planning to work, intern, volunteer or extend their stay, they enter on the Short Term Student Route at the port of entry. There is nothing to apply for beforehand. US citizens are not required to apply for a visa before traveling to the UK. Avoid traveling to the UK via the Republic of Ireland, however, as there will be no UK immigration official there to clear you. Learn more about UK student visas

Additional information 
The University has excellent sports facilities. A number of services are provided for talented athletes at the University, including specialist sport mentor support, strength and conditioning, nutrition, sports psychology and access to other support services.