Berry Students in Jamaica



This summer business program is held in Jamaica, specifically in Kingston and Montego Bay, where students spend five days visiting companies in a variety of industries. Optional activities include the option to swim with dolphins.

Program of Study 
This program offers an undergraduate management and business class. Undergraduate students may enroll in two classes in the program:

BUS 410 International Business (3 hours) 
MGT 441 International Entrepreneurship (3 hours)

Graduate students can enroll in MGT 668, International Management.  Contact Dr. Englis for fees associated with the MBA class.

Living Arrangements 
Students stay at two different locations while in Jamaica. In Kingston, the program is housed in the Hotel Four Seasons and in Montego Bay participants stay in Toby’s Resort. 

In 2016, the program cost $2100 for 3 credit hours and $4200 for 6 credit hours. Airfare, lodging and all meals were included.

Program Directors
Dr. Paula Englis is the faculty director of this program. She is a Professor of Management at Berry College and has many years of experience planning, organizing and leading student groups internationally (five to Jamaica and one to Europe). This program is also accompanied by Ms. Nancy Mercer, Assistant Dean, Campbell School of Business.  Over the years, Dr. Englis and Ms. Mercer have developed strong relationships with the University of the West Indies in Jamaica.  Dr. Englis also conducts and publishes research on international business and international entrepreneurship. Contact Dr. Englis!