Student on the Coast of Ireland

University of Limerick

Limerick, Ireland

The University of Limerick is located in Limerick, Ireland's third largest city. Limerick is a lively city with substantial historic and literary interest. It lies at the heart of the Shannon Region in the mid-west, an area known for its cultural attractions and stunning landscape.

Program of Study
The University of Limerick was established in 1972 and is located on the Plassey estate, three miles from the city center on the banks of the river Shannon. Programs are offered in Business, Education, Science (including Animal Science and Exercise Science), Psychology and others. Modules (classes) in Irish Studies are popular with many international students. Browse through UL's Book of Modules, located on their study abroad page, to find course descriptions. NOTE: the last number of the course number indicates the semester in which local students take the course. e.g. PO4043 would be taken the first semester of the second year; LA4942 would be taken second semester of the first year, etc. Modules ending in 7 and above are usually not open to study abroad students.  See sidebar for classes Berry students have taken previously.

UL's Summer Schools are geared toward US students and are usually discipline-specific.  Note that UL uses the European Credit Transfer System, and Berry awards .6 credit hours for each ECTS credit.  For example, a 6 ECTS module at UL will be worth 3.6 Berry hours. Approved Berry students may enroll in UL directly or through Berry's partner, AIFS.

Living Arrangements 
Housing is provided in single rooms in University townhouses (called "villages") on campus. Students share a kitchen, living room and bathroom facilities. Each townhouse has cable TV and each room links to the main University computer network. 

For semester programs, students pay Berry semester tuition. See sidebar for estimated budgets; these have separate worksheets for direct enrollment fees and AIFS fees. Summer students earning transient credit pay UL directly.  See UL's Summer Schools page for that pricing.  All prices are subject to change, and other fees may apply. 

No visa is required for US citizens to study in Ireland for a semester. However, an appointment with immigration will be arranged by UL staff, and students pay €300 for a "permission to remain" card for the semester. 

A 2.9 minimum GPA is required.