Lorenzo de' Medici Institute

Florence, Rome or Tuscania, Italy

Florence Located in the heart of Tuscany, Florence is the ideal destination for those interested in studying humanities, art, Italian language and culture. Extraordinarily rich in history and ancient traditions, the city, with its world-famous artistic heritage, offers the student a wide spectrum of cultural events throughout the year. LdM in Florence hosts approximately 450 students in the fall and 900 in the spring.

Tuscania In 2004, LdM opened a center in historic Tuscania. This hilltop town of 8000 is located on the borders of the Tuscany and Lazio regions of central Italy, south of Florence and not far from Rome.  Students study art, archaeology, film and humanities at this center.  This site is ideal for the student who wishes to focus on Italian language learning.

Rome A city rich in history and cultural diversity, Rome is the place to be. The LdM Rome site represents a conscious decision to participate in the life, politics, and educational traditions that made Italy the seat of the western world.  Here students learn about international business, history, political science and more.   General Education and upper level science classes are now taught here!

Program of Study
All students on semester programs take at least one 3-credit Italian language course. Beyond the compulsory Italian language element, students are free to choose combinations of elective courses, all taught in English. This program is a strong option for students need to fulfill general education requirements. 

Lorenzo de’ Medici offers a variety of housing for students. In Florence, students choose from apartments, hotel residences or homestays. In Tuscania and Rome, students live in apartments. 

Students pay the Berry College semester tuition, which includes a weekend excursion. Fees are listed on the estimated budget in the side bar.  Some courses may have materials fees, which are paid on site. Be sure you're aware of any fees associated with your classes.  There is a study abroad insurance fee of $125. The student visa costs €50, and students should be prepared to pay a permit of stay fee of approximately €160.   All prices are subject to change. 

Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute requires that students have completed at least one year of college and have a minimum 2.8 GPA. Students enrolling in science classes must have at least a 3.0.  US students studying in Italy longer than 90 days must also apply for a visa.