European Council, Madrid

Berry College students wishing to study in Spain over the summer have the opportunity to travel to the Colegio Mayor de Padre Poveda with the European Council.

Program Dates
June 28- August 3


As a participant in this program you can spend a summer studying and living in the historic Madrid, the geographic center of Spain and the historic center of the entire Hispanic world. The city is a modern European hub with state-of-the art transportation and cyber cafes, but its Old World charm shines through in its long afternoon siesta, warm people, and its majestic monuments of Spain’s glorious path.

Many classes from a variety of disciplines are offered through this program. Each class is Lower Division or Upper Division and equivalent to 3 credit hours at Berry College. Berry students are required to enroll in two 3-hour classes. Find out how to register.

Pre-approved courses can be found here.