Student in New Zealand

New Zealand

Students looking to travel to the islands of New Zealand have three study choices. When searching for classes, please keep in mind that Semester 1 is equivalent to the US spring semester and Semester 2 is the equivalent to US fall.

University of Otago - This university, situated on the south island, has AACSB accreditation, like Berry's Campbell School of Business. Students can also find courses in the humanities and social sciences, communication, and psychology.

Massey University - With three campuses on the north island, Massey offers something for everyone! Learn more about this ISEP program and what you can study.

Creation Care Study Program - This is an inter-disciplinary program taught in a Christian context and enhanced by a community living experience with US students. This program follows the US calendar and is located just outside of Kaikoura, at the top of the south island.