Regensburg, Germany

University of Regensburg

The University of Regensburg is located in Bavaria, on the Danube River in south-east Germany.  Regensburg is an ancient town, with a history that dates to Roman times. Regensburg’s city center is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its remarkable preservation. Though Regensburg offers many activities, the city is situated in close proximity to Munich and Nuremburg.  

Programs of Study 
The University of Regensburg is a modern University of 17,000 domestic and 1500 foreign students just outside Regensburg. Students may take German as a Foreign Language classes along with regular classes with German students. A German placement test is administered at the beginning of the term to determine proficiency level. The University offers a pre-semester intensive language program especially for international students. Courses in the Faculty of Business, Economics, and Management Information Systems are taught in English. 

Living Arrangements
Students live in student apartments of 4 single bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a kitchen. International students and local students live together, and the apartments are co-ed. Students may cook in the apartments or purchase a Mensa-card for use in the cafeteria. Linens are provided with the room. Students pay a housing deposit prior to arriving in Germany and must open a German bank account in order to make housing payments. 

Two Berry students per year may study at the University of Regensburg. After meeting with the IP Director, students apply directly to the university, attending as transient students if they wish and paying the university directly. Contact the IP Director for cost information. Students should plan to send a copy of their high school transcript and diploma when they apply. 

Students who have completed the 200 level of German are invited to apply. Those with fewer than 4 semesters of German study are strongly encouraged to attend the pre-semester language course offered by the University for an additional cost. Be sure to consult the Berry catalog under "Major/Minor Requirements" for information on studying as a transient student.  

Additional Information
Students receive a free Regensburg bus pass. Excursions to sights around Regensburg and other cities are organized by the University. No visa necessary for US citizens. Students will register with authorities upon arrival - plan to bring a police check report with you.