University of Sunderland

Located in north England, the University of Sunderland has approximately 11,000 home students and 2400 international students. There are two campuses, City Campus (housing applied sciences such as sport science, business, education & society, dance and performing arts) and St. Peter’s campus (housing visual arts, Design and Media). Sunderland is a costal city located in the North East region of England that offers many attractions and historical sites.  There are many student activities offered in and around campus.

Program of Study
The University of Sunderland is a Higher Education Corporation established in 1901. It offers a variety of majors, all of them taught in English (with a few exceptions in language studies). This is an especially good location for Exercise Science, Art and Communication students. See Sunderland's modules guide for details.

Living Arrangements    
Housing is provided for students on campus. All study abroad students are housed in the same hall, Clanny House; there are 6-8 students in an apartment. Most are single rooms but there are a few twins. Clanny House offers medium single rooms, large single rooms, extra-large rooms and self-contained two-bed units. Host families are not offered in this program. Meals are self-catered, meaning there is no dining hall or meal plan.

Housing in Clanney House ranges from £310-340 per month, depending on size of room. A housing deposit of £300 applies to the housing fee.  Students should expect to spend approximately £150 per month on food. More budget information appears in the detailed description in the sidebar.

No visa is required for US citizens to study less than six months in the UK, and they enter on the Short Term Student Route, which requires no application. A  Tier 4 visa is required for US citizens completing internships, part-time work, and volunteering during the study period, regardless of length.

Minimum 2.75 GPA required by Sunderland to apply.