University of Waikato

New Zealand

The University of Waikato is a government-funded and internationally recognized research university that offers high quality education to students of all nationalities. In 2005, 13,500 students were enrolled at the Univeristy of Waikato, including 2,300 international students. 

The University of Waikato is located in the scenic river city of Hamilton, New Zealand's fourth largest city, in the central area of the North Island. Hamilton has all the attributes of a larger city without the smog or traffic problems. The city is noted for its parks and river walkways, easy access to outdoor activities (skiing, whitewater rafting, hiking, caving, climbing, and kayaking to name a few), and a flourishing music, art, and cafe culture. 

Academic Highlights 
Students take three or four classes per semester; 18 New Zealand credit points are worth 4 US credit hours. In an annual nationwide benchmarking study, University of Waikato topped the New Zealand universities in Business Management, Accounting & Finance, International Management, Human Resource Management, Communication & Media, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer Science. Other academic highlights include Women's Studies, Music, Media & Communications, Liberal Arts, New Zealand & Pacific Studies, Geography/Earth Sciences and Psychology. 

Other Features 
AustraLearn Orientation A special feature of all AustraLearn programs is their comprehensive orientation. Students take a group bus from Auckland to Rotorua and spend four days participating in a program meant to prepare students for the cultural changes they may encounter. 

Volunteer Experience 
Students may choose to work side by side with professional conservation personnel during a three day conservation project weekend specifically designed to teach students about the conservation issues of the vast New Zealand landscape and to promote the bond between student and host country. 

Housing Arrangements 
Students may choose between on-campus residence halls ("residential colleges") with meals or off-campus apartments. Rooms in on-campus Halls of Residence are single occupancy; accommodation is not yet wi-fi, but all Halls have shared computer/Internet facilities. All Halls of Residence are coed; however, there are a limited number of rooms in areas designated women-only. A list of off-campus housing is posted at the Accommodation Office for students who wish to live off campus. 

Students pay Berry College semester tuition. Current pricing for housing with meals is $3215 and the refundable deposit is between $200 and $1200. These costs are billed directly to the student. Insurance costs approximately $150. According to  New Zealand Immigration, there is presently no visa fee. All AustraLearn students fly from their home city to Los Angeles and from there take a group flight to Auckland. Prices are subject to change, and other fees may apply. 

Students should have a minimum 2.5 GPA to participate in this program.