International Student Exchange Program - University of Ghana

Accra, Ghana

The University of Ghana is located in Accra, Ghana, and was founded in 1948. Accra is the largest city in Ghana, and also serves as its capitol. It is located on the coast (as it was originally built to be a port) and has access to beautiful ocean.   

Program of Study    
Most appropriate fields for ISEP students are African studies, geography and resource development, agriculture, and social sciences. Curriculum for science courses is largely theory based. Due to the difference in university calendars, it is possible that you will not receive confirmation of your placement at University of Ghana until as late as July for the following fall and full-year placement, and November for spring placement. 

An intensive beginner level Twi language course (3 credits) is offered as part of the ISEP program in addition to regular classes during the student's first semester of study in Ghana. 

Living Arrangements     
All ISEP students are housed in double occupancy rooms in the International Students Hostel. There is also a  community engagement program

On exchange, students pay Berry tuition, standard hall and unlimited meal plan fees. Personal expenses are approximately $200/month. Beginning with the 2012-13 academic year, a supplemental GEP fee of $630 (about US $315) will be charged to all ISEP-Exchange participants studying in Ghana to offset the cost of the added GEP benefits. These benefits include: 

 - ISEP-facilitated community engagement opportunities  
 - On-site Resident Director assistance 
 - ISEP-excursions 
 - ISEP-organized Twi language course 

On direct enrollment, students will pay a $390 deposit toward the program fee. Meals cost $800. Although there is no housing fee, a refundable housing deposit amount of 17 Ghana cedi (about $12.00) is required. Personal expenses are approximately $200/month. Students should budget for the following additional expenses: passport photos (needed during registration period - either bring extra copies with you or purchase upon arrival), optional cell phone purchase ($35), optional Independent Study fee ($300), optional excursion to another region of Ghana ($250), mandatory visa extensions (roughly 40 Ghana Cedis per month). 

Successful applicants must have a 2.75 GPA to participate.    

Safety Concerns     
Ghana is considered a relatively safe, stable, democratic nation. When considering this program, students should be aware that crimes of property (such as pick-pocketing and theft) are much more likely than any violent crime, and are advised to use caution with their belongings.    

Amy J. Johnson Scholarship     
The Amy J. Johnson Scholarship was established by her family in memory of Dr. Johnson, an associate professor of History who died as a consequence of an automobile accident. One scholarship worth $1,000 is awarded annually to a female Berry College student to defray expenses arising from studying for a semester or longer in Egypt or another Middle Eastern, African or so-called "developing" country. Competition is in spring for the following fall or spring. Contact  IP for more information.