Hyderbad, India

Hyderabad, located in the recently-named state of Telangana, is a bustling city with a diverse population that combines Muslim and Hindu cultures. It stands as a point of interaction between Northern and Southern India, between rural and urban India, and between the past and the present. Hyderabad is the fifth largest city in India and is at the heart of India’s development strategies. Good public transportation makes Hyderabad an excellent base from which to visit other areas of the country.

Program of Study
The University of Hyderabad, now over thirty years old, was the first federally funded university to be established in the southern part of India. The university has approximately 2,100 full-time students. The Study India Program aims to provide international students the opportunity to study various aspects of Indian society, history, and culture and to create an international environment on campus. Students have the opportunity to explore India's cultural and religious diversity while experiencing the impact of modernity upon tradition. This program is also ideal for a student who would like to do a service project, participate in volunteer work or undertake an internship.

Due to the prerequisites needed, most U.S. students are not able to enroll in subjects from the math and science departments.  Therefore, U.S. students take their classes primarily from the arts, social sciences, and humanities departments. Students are required to take the core course on contemporary Indian society and culture and two electives chosen from regular university classes and special Study in India courses. Although there is no language prerequisite for participation in the program, all students are required to take one Indian language course. Hindi, Telugu, and Urdu are among the languages that are offered. Each student is paired with a local Indian tutor to assist in the language learning process.

Classes are usually worth 4 US credit hours each. Students may enroll in this program via the International Student Exchange Program, which is a more independent option, while American Institute for Foreign Study provides additional student support.

Students have the opportunity to visit the Taj Mahal during orientation, which is held in Delhi. During the semester, the program includes visits to sites of historic and cultural importance in and around Hyderabad.

Students interested in undertaking daily yoga practice may do so at the Yoga Center located on campus. Opportunities are also available for students to study classical Indian music and dance.

Living Arrangements
Students are housed in shared rooms in housing for foreign students. Housing includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Food is of a very good standard with many vegetarian options.

Students pay Berry College semester tuition, and the program's housing and meal fees, among others. See budgets in the side-bar for estimated costs through both AIFS and ISEP.

Students must have a minimum overall 3.0 GPA.

Additional Information
A student visa is required. Included with your acceptance letter will be information on visa application procedures.