Fall 2005 Programs

*Denotes Cultural Events Credit 

Meet the Interfaith Council

Wed, August 31st at 5pm 
Interfaith Center

Presentation by members of the IFC describing the history, mission, and the annual goal of the council as well as the introduction of the program calendar for Fall 2005.  A brief, general Q&A follows along with serving of gourmet Indian food from the Taj Palace 

Religious Science and New Thought Spirituality* 

Wed, September 21st at 5pm 
Interfaith Center 

Led by Pastor Leigh Waddell, this presentation will present New Thought theology with specific focus on Religious Science (a denomination of New Thought) in detail.  Pastor Waddell will address how Religious Science is similar and different to other New Thought and mainstream Christian philosophies, while also introducing the practice of ‘affirmative’ prayer.  

Navaratri — the Hindu Festival in Honor the Goddess *  

Wed, October 12th at 5pm  
Interfaith Center 

Navaratri is one of the most important of Hindu holidays.  Celebrated according the lunar calendar, Navaratri ("Nine Nights") usually occurs in September-October.  During this 10-day festival, Hindus throughout the world honor the different forms of the Goddess while also remembering the victory of the god Rama over the forces of evil.  At this lecture and explanatory ritual local Hindu leaders and scholars will explain the significance of this important festival. 

Sukkot -- the Jewish Holiday in Celebration of the Harvest*

Thursday, October 20th at 5pm 
Interfaith Center  

The Jewish holiday of Sukkot (literally, "booths" or "shelters") celebrates the harvest. In this lecture-explanatory ritual, we will explain a little about the festival's source and meaning. We also will demonstrate the brief ceremony for the holiday. People attending the event will be invited to participate in decorating a wooden frame commemorating the shelters used for sleeping when harvesting crops in ancient Israel, and all are welcome to share refreshments in the sukkah as part of the celebration. 

Halloween Program: All Saints Day and Samhain* 

Monday, October 31st at noon   
Evans Auditorium    

Panel discussion on the pre-Christian and Christian roots of All Saints Day, one of the principal feast days of the Christian Church. As its name suggests, All Saints Day is a celebration of past saints. The word “hallow” means to sanctify, and All Saints Day has also been known as Hallowmas—the mass for those who have been “hallowed.” The day before Hallowmas is Hallows Eve, or Halloween, and coincides with the important pre-Christian harvest festival, Samhain. This presentation will introduce the audience to the basic beliefs and practices associated with both All Saints Day and Samhain and also discuss the historical relationship between Christianity and Paganism. 

After  the panel presentation, the panelists will take questions from the audience. 

IFC Film series #1: "Oh, God"*

Wed, Nov. 9th 2005 at 5pm 
Evans 119 

 “When God appears to an assistant grocery manager as a good natured old man, the Almighty selects him as his messenger for the modern world.” Audience will watch the movie and have a discussion afterward led by Dr. Bell.

Spring 2005 Programs

"Meet the Interfaith Council" 

January 25, 5:30 p.m.  
Interfaith Center   

“ How did the IFC begin? What are its purposes? What is it doing now? What is the role of the Chaplain?” Panelists Steven Bell. Scott Colley, Dale McConkey, and David McKenzie will address these and other questions.   Event includes food from the India Grill and music provided by Megan Yalkut and Jeff Lidke. 

Renewal Judaism: History, Teaching and Practice  

A Lecture-Demonstration by Jacqueline Westhead 
February 10, 7 p.m. 
Interfaith Center  

Dance therapist, musician, and teacher, Jacqueline Westhead, will share an overview of the development of Jewish Renewal and some of the music and teachings of this trans-denominational movement. Participants will be invited to experience the practices of chant, meditation and dance-movement. 

"Religious Tolerance and Nonviolence—A RILAC Panel"

Feb 15th, 5 p.m. 
Interfaith Center   

Respecting and living in harmony with people who are different from oneself is a fundamental teaching of many traditions.  RILAC panelists will address the topic from scripture and personal experience. 

"Meet the Muslims"

Feb 22, 5 p.m. 
Interfaith Center   

Led by local Muslim leader, Muhammad Shorbaji, a panel of Muslims will talk about the core teachings of Islam and what it means to be a Muslim living in America.

“Afro-Latins:  Dance and Spiritual Continuities between Africa and the Americas”

Multimedia Lecture by Dr. Yvonne Daniel  
March 1, 8 p.m. 
Science Auditorium   

Dr. Yvonne Daniel will present a multimedia lecture exploring how Caribbean and Latin American dance interconnects with African dance and spiritual traditions. Dr. Daniel, professor emerita of dance and Afro-American studies at Smith College, has written several books on dance and religious practices in the Caribbean and United States. She also has performed with Cuban and Latin American dance companies. 

"Meet the Christians" 

March 8, 5 p.m. 
Interfaith Center   

A panel of practicing Christians from multiple denominations addresses the question of pluralism. Additionally, the role of the Christian faith on today’s campus will be explored. 

“The Biology of Transcendence:  A Blueprint of the Human Spirit”

A Lecture and Workshop by Dr. Joseph Chilton Pearce  
March 26th, 10 a. m. -12:30 p.m. 
Science Auditorium   

International author and lecturer Dr. Joseph Chilton Pearce will speak about his groundbreaking theories about biology, human development, and spirituality.  Author of the best selling works, Crack in the Cosmic Egg and the Magical Child, Pearce argues in his most recent work, Biology of Transcendence, that intolerance and violence arises only when human beings do not cultivate their God-given biological potentials.

"Voices and Images from the World Parliament of Religions"

March 29th, 5 p.m., 
Interfaith Center  

From July 7th--July 13th, 2004, over 7,000 people from around the world came together in Barcelona, Spain to discuss the role of religion in addressing several 'world crises,' including overpopulation, war, and malnutrition.  The occasion was the historic 4th Parliament of World Religions.  At this event, more than 100 religious traditions were represented. In this presentation, Dr. Lidke discusses the key ideas from the parliament and invites discussion on how these ideas might be implemented by the Berry community. 

"Meet the Jews"

April 4, 5 p.m.
Interfaith Center 

A panel of practicing Jews will speak about the core beliefs, practices, and traditions of their faith at the time of Passover. 

Film Screening:  “Stolen Summer”

April 13, 7 p.m. 
Science Auditorium.  

A beautiful and poignant film about the trials that unfold between a Jewish boy and his Catholic friend as they grow up together in the United States in the 1970s. Stretches and confronts the boundaries of ecumenicity. Discussion led by Steve Bell. 

On Going Classes/Events

Dances of Universal Peace

Jan 30th, Feb. 27, Mar. 27 &  Apr. 24.  4-6 p.m. 
Interfaith Center   

Dr. Ellen  Johnson leads this participatory program in which she teaches simple dance steps in a circle as well as songs from many cultures.

Tai Chi Class 

Wednesdays, 5:15-6:15 
Interfaith Center   

Originating in ancient China, Tai Chi is a meditative martial art which aligns the body, breath, and mind through a series of synchronized body postures. Taught by Dr. Jeffrey Lidke, this weekly class incorporates both Qigong and Deng style 108-movement slow form Tai Chi and is open to all levels.  

Meditation Class

Thursdays, 5:15-6:00 
Interfaith Center    

A weekly class on the fundamentals of meditation practice, including posture, breath, and mental-quieting techniques. Taught by Dr. Jeffrey Lidke, the class primarily emphasizes the techniques of Yoga and Zen, but is open to practitioners of all faiths.  

Praise and Worship Service

Thursdays, 7:30 p.m.
Jennie Clements and Emily Bagwell
Interfaith Center   

Take time to get away and rest in God's presence and worship through song and prayer.  Rooted in the Christian faith and open to people from all traditions.