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aNNUAL GIVING: What Does It Support?

What your gift can do:

Harrison Creating ProductsAnnual gifts to Berry provide more than $2 million in support each year for student scholarships and the premier Work Experience Program. Your generosity makes it possible for a first-year student working 12 hours per week in an entry-level position to earn $1,300 per semester. An upper-level student working 20 hours per week in a supervisory role can earn $2,300 or more. As the need for these wages and firsthand work experiences continues to grow, your annual gifts help to keep Berry both accessible and exceptional! 

Why give each year?

Student Studying by Ford ArchwayBecause students need you. Annual gifts directly support student scholarships and the work program, as well as other important needs. Because of the support from alumni and friends like you, the cost accrued by students is significantly less than the overall actual cost of a Berry education.

Annual giving supports the needs of current students for financial aid, work wages, classroom technology, sports equipment, well maintained facilities and more – all the components of a first-class firsthand education.

Some may feel that a $25, $100, or even $1,000 gift won’t matter. Nothing could be further from the truth. For Berry to continue to build momentum and accomplish the transformational goals of the LifeReady Campaign, we need all Berry alumni and friends to demonstrate their belief in the Berry mission and the students at Berry today by making a gift of any size each and every year.