Welcome to the Writing Center!

We here at the Writing Center are excited to assist students at any point in their writing process such as invention, evaluation, and revision. With a variety of tutors from different academic disciplines, it is easy for students to find the Writing Consultant that will best suit their writing needs. Given that writing is a powerful tool for intellectual discovery and development, the Writing Center strives to bring its services to all members of the Berry academic community. In sum, the Writing Center offers Berry faculty and students a practical resource for teaching and learning as well as an organizing center for the discussion and practice of writing across campus. We encourage you to make an appointment and come in for help with your next paper! To see a list of the current Writing Center Consultant, click here.

Meeting with your Tutor

  • Bring a copy of your writing prompt
  • Be prepared to be actively involved, asking and answering questions
  • Take notes
  • Be ready for REVISION

Students asking for assistance on the day an assignment is due should expect to work on “later-order” concerns:    

  • Format
  • Source citation and documentation
  • Proofreading
  • Transitions
  • Introduction and/or conclusion

Please make an appointment at least a full day before an assignment is due in order to work on “higher-order” concerns:

  • Understanding of the assignment
  • Idea development
  • Thesis construction
  • Organization
  • Evidence
  • Analysis