Room Change Procedures

Except for a two-week room change freeze at the beginning and end of each semester, students may request a room change at any time. For a smooth change, students should do the following things: 

  • Discuss your plans with your current roommate.
  • Discuss your plans with your Resident Assistant.
  • Contact your Area Coordinator to discuss new assignment options.
  • Upon approval and issuance of a new assignment, you may move.

Residents who misrepresent the truth, do not prepare their room for a new resident, intimidate assigned occupants or students wishing to move in or otherwise attempt to manipulate the housing assignment process may be subject to student conduct charges.

Getting Help with Roommates

Students should counsel with their Resident Assistant or Head Resident on matters related to roommate issues. If resolution is not obtained then further consultation may be made with the Area Coordinator. After that time, all room changes must be approved by a full time Residence Life staff member. If a student changes rooms prior to approval, a $100 charge for improper checkout could be assessed to each of the students involved. Students may also be subject to student conduct charges.