Berry College Elementary and Middle School

Berry College Elementary and Middle School is a lab school and an integral part of the Charter School of Education and Human Sciences. BCEMS models constructivist educational practices for the community at large.

We operate within the School of Education's design and its unique commitment to education as exemplified by:

  • depth and integration of a constructivist model of theory and practice,
  • a commitment to the authentic assessment of student learning,
  • an adherence to application-level practice of new-found knowledge via experiential activities and projects,
  • a quality, hands-on service learning model,
  • the teaching of social justice as a core principle of democracy,
  • a mutually engaged learning community of children, families, teachers, administrators, student teachers, student workers and department faculty.

At BCEMS, master teachers engage in collaborative research, teaching and study on a regular basis. Our student teachers are careful observers of children's learning and document their work in modes that are accessible to their instructors and head teachers. The BCEMS facility also provides a wealth of opportunities for mentoring and service by Berry College student workers.

Our main goal is to help students acquire the best foundation skills available for high school, college, and life success. Our core competencies prove to be: academic excellence, individual attention enhanced by one of the lowest adult-to-student ratios in the country, leadership skills development, and a safe, secure environment in which kids can thrive. 

We interact with members of the College for advice, resources, support, and encouragement. Berry College itself provides our buildings and grounds, the upkeep, technology support, public safety, access to an array of resources and the wonderful environment of woods, trails, and open space on Berry College’s 27,000 acre campus.  

There are few schools in the world like BCEMS; we exemplify the ideal of what is possible in education when students are given access to rare pools of extraordinary talent and resources. At BCEMS, our kids grow to love learning in a joyful environment, and that is truly the most valuable objective we could ever hope to achieve. To learn more, complete an  online inquiry

Applications for admission for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year will continue to be accepted. We have several classes with waiting lists. Please contact us for additional information about becoming a student at BCEMS.