European Council Registration Process

There are two application processes for European Council programs: Berry’s and the EC’s. To begin the Berry process, complete the Preliminary Form on the International Programs community page on Viking Web. This gets you in our system. If you make an appointment with International Experiences, you will be given the following documents to submit to Berry by March 15:

  • a course substitution form
  • waiver of liability

 When you have your passport, please send a copy of the photo page to (Be sure you’ve signed your passport!)

You can bring the completed EC application to International Experiences in 331 Krannert. Once you have signed the agreement, the Director of International Experiences will sign your application and send it to the EC office. (Please note this office is housed at Valdosta State University, but you are not applying to that institution.) You should receive a confirmation email after they receive the application and you have paid the EC deposit of $300. This email will also tell you which classes you are registered for.

Once accepted, you will continue to make program payments using the EC website. You will be notified by IE when you have been authorized to register for the Berry holding class “STA305.” This email notification will explain how to register and which section is associated with your program. All Berry students are required to enroll in two EC classes, at three credits each, along with any required program classes. The business office will then charge your student account $125/credit hour for your elected classes, for a total of $750. Do not be alarmed if at some point the entire tuition amount for these hours appears in your student account - this is temporary, and you need only to pay the $750 credit hour fee.

In addition to fees, students are also required to attend the EC’s pre-departure orientation in May, where you will meet your professors and fellow students. After the program, the EC office will send your transcripts to Berry, and the actual classes you took, along with their grades, will be entered by the Registrar.

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the European Council! Contact the Director of International Experiences at  or at 706-233-4065.