Mission Statement

The psychology program fosters an understanding of the theory and content of psychology, and the application of scientific literacy, critical thinking, and communication to enhance the student’s community, personal life, and professional development. The psychology department is committed to providing students diverse perspectives and experiences within a collaborative environment involving teaching, research, and meaningful service. Students who concentrate their studies in research are prepared for competitive graduate programs in psychology with mentored research experiences, participation in class labs, and independent projects.  Students who concentrate their studies in the application of psychology are prepared for careers in the social service, business, nonprofits, education, and other employment sectors with internship and volunteer opportunities to provide experience and develop professional skills. Overall, our mission is to provide mentored learning and growth experiences to help students reach their potential as leaders in their communities and professions, and to lead lives of integrity and service applying principles of scientific inquiry, critical thinking, and ethical decision making.

Vision Statement

The psychology program well reflects Berry’s three-fold mission, the education of the head, heart and the hands through engaging learning opportunities and first hand experiences.

* HEAD: The psychology faculty has developed a comprehensive curriculum that reflects the diversity of our discipline and prepares students for further graduate study and/or work opportunities.  We adhere to the National Guidelines and Suggested Learning outcomes for the Undergraduate Psychology Major as drafted by the American Psychological Association.  Students taking psychology courses not only learn about the major fields within our discipline but also have the opportunity to apply what they have learned in their own lives.

*HEART: Many psychology courses have practicum/field experiences that afford our students the opportunity to provide service to their fellow human beings.  In addition, an extensive internship program provides students with an opportunity to provide service to the community for extended time periods.  Through internships and work in the community, psychology students receive a first-hand view of work in our profession.  The Psychological Society regularly includes service projects as an integral part of the organization’s activities.  Faculty members are very much in demand in the community to provide their expertise in human service arenas.

*HANDS: Student work opportunities abound in the psychology program.  Student workers can be found assisting faculty in their research, working in the Psychology Lab assisting their fellow students and faculty and working in the psychology office completing a variety of tasks.  Students may also compete for a funded mentored research opportunity through the endowed George Scholar Program. Students may share their knowledge at professional conferences, at the Berry Symposium for Student Scholarship, and through papers submitted to peer reviewed journals.

It is through a comprehensive academic program, service opportunities, internship and clinical experiences, and meaningful student work that the psychology program supports Martha Berry’s vision of the education of the head, heart and hands.