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Fact: At 27,000 acres, Berry’s campus is (by far) the world’s largest.
Opinion: It is also the most beautiful.
Undeniable: The combination of scale and natural resources provides a wealth of opportunities simply not available at other colleges.


Our vast and varied campus means more than 1,000+ different jobs to choose among as you put classroom learning into motion — testing careers, developing interests and contributing to the daily operation of your college. This staggering range of opportunities is the reason why every Berry student is guaranteed access to eight semesters of paid professional development, whether teaching in our campus lab school, running our bicycle repair shop, managing a dairy herd or about a thousand other possibilities.


A wide range of campus biodiversity — from a major river, smaller streams, large and small ponds and wetlands to oak and pine forests, agricultural land and an arboretum — supply a rich array of natural habitats to support fieldwork and research. More than 25 projects are currently underway, from short-term studies to an over 20-year longleaf pine restoration initiative. Join a professor’s research team or launch your own project.


For those who love the outdoors, this campus is a wonderland. Rent a kayak, bike, frame pack, tent or propane stove. Book a campsite. Paddle the river. Hike a few (or all) of our 88 miles of trails on campus. We provide the gear, maps and guides. You bring the sense of adventure.


You’ll get to wake each morning in a beautiful place. Even walking from class to class, you’ll be surrounded by the natural world. In a community that places tremendous value on reflection, you’ll always be able to find a quiet place to spend a few minutes clearing your head or hatching your next great idea.

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