The Berry Compact

The Berry Compact

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Berry was founded on the principles of exchange. Martha Berry provided educational opportunity. In turn, her students helped build and operate their school.

The spirit of reciprocity continues today through The Berry Compact, a one-of-a-kind approach in which shared ownership amplifies the impact and (enduring value) of the Berry education. 

Beyond respected academics and expert teaching, Berry helps students create a four-year plan that purposefully integrates academic exploration, career preparation, professional development and personal growth through focused reflection.

You’ll be carefully guided through the process of planning an education, understanding your options, pursuing meaningful opportunities, and connecting the things you learn and do to the life you’re preparing to lead.

You are guaranteed the equivalent of eight semesters of paid professional development experience through our LifeWorks program — building invaluable skills, having the option of strengthening your resume with leadership and management experience.

At every step, you will be surrounded by a network of mentors (professors, staff supervisors, coaches, alumni and fellow students) who encourage the bold pursuit of knowledge and experience in an environment of immersive support.

All together, it adds up to an education not available anywhere else, and frankly not possible anywhere else. Our professional development program draws heavily on the resources of Berry’s 27,000-acre (that is not a typo) campus and our culture of mentorship that is more than 100 years in the making.  

In exchange for all of this, Berry asks students to be active participants in their own educations — stepping up and pitching in. Whether speaking their minds in our classrooms, making positive contributions to the world beyond our campus, or contributing their energy and smarts to filling vital roles in all of Berry’s180 departments. They are involved, present, contributing members of this community.

Your part of the Compact isn’t a requirement, but it is an expectation. We won’t make you take an oath or sign a pledge. Because we won’t have to.

The Berry community attracts students who are engaged, involved, and generous of mind and spirit. The kind of people who like to exchange ideas, share experiences and contribute to the betterment to the world. If you’ve read this far, you’re probably the type of person who would fit in perfectly here.

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