Guide Program Spotlight

Madison Poole with SheepMadison Poole

Sophomore Madison Poole is well on her way to achieving goals she set up in the Guide Program. Madison chose to be an animal science major with the intention of attending Veterinarian School after college. She has a passion for animals and hopes to care for them in the medical field. 

Madison feels prepared to take on this major because of the strong contacts she has been referred to as part of the Guide Program. Madison Poole describes her relationship with her program guide as a safe space to discuss difficulties. Poole expressed that her guide has helped her by finding her tutors, answering difficult questions, and celebrating test success and accomplishments when reached. 

“I am really thankful that I was put in the Guide Program because it has helped me enjoy college more,” Poole said. 

Madison works on Grounds Crew on campus and is thankful to work with an incredible group of people. She also enjoys her experience in the Block and Bridle club that puts on events such as Scary Berry and Battle on the Mountain. “It is a very fun and stress free club.” 

Madison attributes her enjoyment at Berry to her involvement in the LifeReady program. “I don’t think I would be as calm in college without the program.” She is happy to have someone to talk through her issues with. The program has also lead Madison to a larger community of friendships and a bigger social group, which she is thankful for.

Phil Leahy GolfingPhil Leahy

Phil Leahy, a sophomore accounting major, has been encouraged towards pursuing a career in business in part to his involvement in the Guide Program. Phil hopes to own a business of his own in the future and thought accounting would give him the tools to achieve that goal. 

Guides act as a spring board, launching students in the right direction. Phil currently works with the accounting and finance department of the BEST team, one of Berry’s student enterprises. He credits his Guide Program for suggesting that he get involved with the student enterprises in order to get real business experience. 

“The Guide Program has definitely contributed to my success at Berry College so far…in all aspects,” Leahy said. 

Phil is also a member of the Berry College golf team, and recognized that his guide encouraged him to get involved in various activities on campus. Each semester Phil meets with his guide to set goals for his semester. Phil noted that they brainstorm ways to improve weaknesses and build on strengths. “I never hesitate to ask questions when they arise,” Phil said. He is thankful for the openness he finds in the Guide Program and the opportunities he has been given.