twigginsTrish Wiggins
Area Coordinator

I was born and raised in Central Florida, then moved to New Orleans to pursue my Master’s Degree. After living in New Orleans for a few years, I felt a desire to work with college students in a Higher Education role. Having been an RA in graduate school, I knew I liked Residence Life and all that came with it. I decided to begin pursuing positions in Residence Life. After working at a college in East Tennessee for a few years, I found Berry College. 

I came as an Area Coordinator for Residence Life in August of 2013 and fell in love with Berry shortly after my arrival. The institution, the people, and the campus are all amazing and I love working and living here at Berry. I love working with college students, but I really love helping them figure out what their next steps are, whether that be after graduation, or for the next semester. Being a Life Ready Guide helps me encounter more than just the upperclassmen I see in my residential areas and help them learn to navigate college and all that comes with it.