Careers in Accounting & Finance

An attribute of the discipline of accounting is its development of analytical skills, a quality which applies to many positions not involving accounting, such as in industry or not-for-profit jobs. The following, however attempts to briefly sketch the general types of accounting positions available.

Jobs in Public Accounting Firms 
Tax planning and preparation 
Consulting Services
Jobs in Industry
Tax planning and preparation
Financial reporting/forecasting
Internal Auditing
Information System Design
Jobs in Not-For-Profit
Governmental - e.g. IRS, SEC, federal
State / local government
Charities: Church, Red Cross

Jobs in Public Accounting
These forms offer auditing, tax and consultation services to clients from the very small to the worlds largest. The firms providing such services range in size from a sole practitioner to a world wide firm with perhaps 7000 or more employees.

Jobs in Industry
Opportunities in industry are wide ranging. Sometimes also individuals began in an accounting or finance (e.g., assistant plant manager) rather than a staff position. Generally, individuals who serve as the senior accountant carry a title such as “Chief Financial Officer” (CFO); positions reporting to this person would be a controller (responsible for the overall operation of the accounting system including financial statement preparation), the treasurer (responsible for safeguarding and investing of liquid assets), and the director of internal auditing (responsible for accounting and administrative controls.

Jobs in Not-For-Profit Organizations
The range of types of organizations this might include is extraordinary: a monastery, diocese of a church, museum, FBI, hospitals owned by a local community, city, or state government, as well as the federal government or one of its regulatory agencies.