Session Descriptions

Session I: Developing Effective Leadership Skills 

Instructor: Joyce T. Heames

In a successful organization, leaders can be found at every level--from the boardroom to the mailroom, from the CEO’s office to the customer service desk.  Leaders come in many varieties, ranging from charismatic visionaries to the unassuming team players who help their peers work together in accomplishing goals set by others.  This session helps participants discover personal characteristics or dimensions of leadership and gain a greater understanding of how and why others lead differently.

Session II: Effecting Change as a Leader

Instructor: Joyce T. Heames

Change is inevitable. Understanding how to effect positive change is imperative.  This process begins with acknowledging one’s own propensity to change, extrapolating that change to the group level, and finally applying dynamic change models at the organization level.  This session will explore all three levels and provide tips on how to encourage constructive reactions to change.

Session III: How to Improve Any Process 

Instructor: John Grout

Any series of task that is repeated can be managed best by viewing it as a process.  In the details of every process can be found the leverage points that lead to spectacular performance.  This session will provide you with tools for finding those leverage points and techniques for exploiting them.  Insights from “6 sigma,” “lean,” psychology and the sciences will be combined to show a path forward to exceptional performance. 

Session IV: Project Management: On Time and Under Budget

Instructor: John Grout

A series of tasks that is not repeated is a project: a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result.  Every manager executes projects to move their organization to higher levels of performance.  Since a project is temporary, it has a defined beginning and end in time, and therefore defined scope, schedule, and resources.  In this session, you will learn how projects are structured, managed and controlled.  You will have a foundation for bringing your next project in on time and under budget. 

Session V & VI: Data Analytics for Executives

Instructor: Thema Monroe-White

The Why, The How, and the What (Parts 1 & 2)

Why is “big" data analytics important for my organization or business?  How can I help transform my company into a data-driven organization?  What tools should I adopt when addressing my organization’s needs?  This day-long session will explore answers to these questions and more through hands-on exposure to current data analytics software and datasets. 

Session VII: Gaining and Maintaining Competitive Advantage

Instructor: Paula D. Englis

This session helps develop the skills required to analyze dynamic competitive situations in a way that will enable the design of successful business and corporate strategies.  Specifically, you will gain key tools into understanding sources of competitive advantage, the behavior of current and future competitors and how to remain agile in a dynamic environment. Emphasis is on in-session application of key tools through teamwork and discussion. 

Session VIII: Creating a High-Performance Culture

Instructor: Jason Marion

A high-performance culture is created and sustained through an elevated level of mutual trust and respect and necessitates employee engagement at all levels of the organization.  An exceptional culture of high performance builds on and develops the skills and abilities of all team members which drives the organization to achieve greater results.  It’s all about trusting and valuing people.

Session IX: The Case for Customer Experience

Instructor: Khalilah Cooper

Did you know that 85% of customers are willing to spend 25% more to receive a superior customer service experience?  Bottom line:  Customer Experience Matters - A LOT. This session offers a deep dive into the foundational disciplines behind creating a best in class customer experience and how to apply them to your business.