Frank Stephenson

Frank Stephenson

Henry Gund Professor of Economics; Chair, Department of Accounting, Economics and Finance

Department: Economics
Phone: (706) 238-7878
Campus Box: 495024
Location: Green 218


  • Ph.D. Economics, North Carolina State University
  • B.A. Economics, Washington and Lee University 

Teaching Interests

  • Economic Analysis of Law
    • Sports Economics

    Research Interests

    • Public Policy
    • Sports Economics

    Selected Publications

    • “Fracking and Labor Market Conditions:  A Comparison of Pennsylvania and New York Border Counties," Eastern Economic Journal, forthcoming (with K.M. Hastings and L.R Heller).
    • “Parents, Homevoters, and Public School Employees: An Analysis of Voting Patterns in the 2012 Georgia Charter Schools Amendment Referendum” Journal of School Choice, forthcoming (with B. Conaway and B. Scafidi).
    • “Superstars, Uncertainty of Outcome, and PGA Tour Television Ratings,” Journal of Sports Economics, forthcoming (with C. Gooding).
    • "Beer Availability and College Football Attendance:  Evidence from Mid-Major Conferences," Journal of Sports Economics, forthcoming (with A. Chastain and S. Gohmann).
    • “Does Stableford Scoring Incentivize More Aggressive Golf?” Journal of Sports Economics, 16 (2015), 647-663 (with J.M. Garcia).
    • “The NBA’s Maximum Player Salary and the Distribution of Player Rents,” International Journal of Financial Studies, 3 (2015), 75-83 (with K.M. Hastings).
    • “Economic Freedom and Labor Market Conditions:  Evidence from the States,” Contemporary Economic Policy, 32 (January 2014), 56-66 (with L.R. Heller).
    • “Football Frenzy: The Effect of the 2011 World Cup on Women’s Professional Soccer League Attendance,” Journal of Sports Economics, 14 (August 2013), 440-448 (with A.D. LeFeuvre and S.M. Walcott).
    • “A Public Choice Analysis of Congressional Franking,” Public Finance Review, 40 (July 2012), 539 - 553(with S.T. Edwards and M. Yeoh).
    • “Strategic Voting in Open Primaries: Evidence from Rush Limbaugh’s ‘Operation Chaos’,” Public Choice, 148 (September 2011), 445-457.
    • “The Incidence of Hybrid Automobile Tax Preferences,” Public Finance Review, 38 (January 2010), 120-133 (with A. Chupp and K. Myles).
    • “Vend It like Beckham: David Beckham’s Effect on MLS Ticket Sales,” International Journal of Sport Finance, 3 (November 2008), 189-195 (with R. Lawson and K. Sheehan).
    • “Stadium Alcohol Availability and Baseball Attendance: Evidence from a Natural Experiment,” International Journal of Sport Finance 2 (February 2007), 36-44 (with A. Chupp and R. Taylor).
    • “The 150-Hour Rule as a Barrier with Entering Public Accountancy,” Journal of Labor Research 27 (Winter 2006), 115-126 (with C.G. Carpenter).
    •  “Local Government Structure and Public Expenditures” Public Choice 115 (April 2003), 185-198 (with J.C. Bradbury).