Careers in Management

An attribute of the discipline of management is its development of analytical skills, a quality which applies to many positions not involving management, such as in industry or not-for-profit jobs. The following, however, attempts to briefly sketch the general types of management positions available:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Non-Profit Manager
  • Managerial Consultant
  • Corporate Trainer
  • International Operations
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Officer
  • Environmental Sustainability Manager
  • Process Integration
    Strategic Planner
    Management Analyst
    Organizational Change Agent
  • Organizational Leadership
    Chairman of the Board
    Midlevel Management Positions
    Organizational Change Agent
    Entry Level Supervisory Positions
    Entry Level Knowledge Positions
  • Human Resources Manager
    Compensation and Benefits Specialist
    Equal Employment Opportunity Officer
    Performance Management Specialist
    Labor Relations Manager