MBA Curriculum

Proficiency Requirements 

Students entering the MBA program are expected to demonstrate competence in the foundational areas of business including financial accounting, statistical methods, finance, macro economics, micro economics, management, and marketing. Faculty assumes that students will have active knowledge of the required materials throughout the program. 

In order to accommodate a broad spectrum of academic backgrounds, the MBA program provides three options for students to meet proficiency requirements:

1. Students who have an undergraduate degree in business or economics most likely will have met all the requirements. The MBA Office will evaluate a student’s transcript(s) to determine if these requirements have been met.

2. Students may meet the proficiency requirements by taking graduate-level courses offered through the Essentials of Business program. These courses include:

  • Essentials of Accounting
  • Essentials of Finance
  • Essentials of Management
  • Essentials of Business Statistics
  • Essentials of Marketing
  • Essentials of Economics

These courses, when offered, are typically taught in the summer semester as two-week courses meeting three times per week.

3. Students may meet the proficiency requirements through approved online self-paced modules. The Berry MBA program has partnered with Ivy Software and Harvard Business School (HBS) to offer these modules. Students who choose this method should notify the MBA Office which will provide the contact information and passwords necessary to complete the modules. Students must complete a final exam at the end of each module earning 80% or better (75% in finance only) in order to meet the proficiency requirement. Additionally, students are expected to have basic knowledge of the use of a computer as well as software capabilities in word processing and spreadsheets. Students with limited exposure in these areas might consider enrolling in a course prior to beginning the program.

Course Requirements

Required Courses

In order to graduate students are required to complete 30 credit hours (10 classes) of course work consisting of MBA required courses and MBA electives.

MBA Required Courses (21 credit hours needed)
Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
ACC 611  Accounting for Decision Making  
BUS 657  Strategic Use of Information Technology
BUS 685    Strategies of World-Class Organizations 3
FIN 601    Corporate Finance    3  
MGT 655    Leadership and Change Management    3  
MKT 621    Strategic Marketing    3  
MGT 664    Service Management OR 3  
MGT 665    Value Chain Management   3  

Course Electives

MBA Sample Course Electives (9 credit hours needed)
Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
BUS 674  Social Issues in Business 
BUS 676  Entrepreneurship and Advanced Business Planning 
BUS 695    Special Topics in Business    3  
BUS 697    Independent Study/Internship    3  
FIN 631    Investments   3  
MGT 606    Process-Improvement Projects    3  
MGT 660    Strategic Human Resource Management    3  
MGT 667    Quality Management    3  
MGT 668    International Management    3  
MKT 610    Strategic Career Management    3  
MKT 658    Social Media and Internet Marketing    3