Mission Statement

The Campbell School of Business provides an excellent liberal arts-based business education that engages the Head, Heart, and Hands, while serving the academic and business communities through appropriate research and services.    

The Campbell School of Business serves its stakeholders within the context of the mission of Berry College. The principal stakeholders are (a) those who seek the benefit of education, either directly as students and alumni, or indirectly as employers, (b) members of the public and private sectors, including regional businesses and non-profit organizations in north Georgia and beyond, and (c) the academic community, both at Berry College and at large. The Campbell School’s process of continuous improvement will facilitate our serving these stakeholders' evolving needs.  

Seekers of Education: The degree-seeking students of the Campbell School of Business fall into two categories. Typically, undergraduates seek preparation for positions in the business world and for further studies. Graduate students primarily live and work in the local region and desire to further their careers. The Campbell School will educate students, through both formal and informal programs, placing high priority on the education of the Head, the Heart, and the Hands, and on currency of curriculum.  

Public and Private Sectors: Growing areas like north Georgia and the southeastern U.S. require a dynamic educational resource. The public and private sectors require state-of-the-art business education, applied research, and service. The Campbell School of Business will strive to identify and accommodate these requirements.  

Academic Community: The Academic community is a global network of scholars focused on generating basic knowledge and practical applications in business. The Campbell School of Business faculty, students, and staff will relate to this community as producers and benefactors of this knowledge. The Campbell School of Business emphasizes contributions to practice, as well as discipline-based and pedagogical research.  

The College: Within Berry College, the Campbell School of Business is part of an interdisciplinary family that offers degrees in the liberal arts, humanities, natural sciences, social sciences, and professions including education and business administration. The complexity of today's business problems impels the Campbell School of Business to engage in opportunities for collaboration with other academic units of the College.