The IACUC shall consist of at least seven members. Membership shall include at least four faculty members, providing representation of at least three of the Schools and Divisions at Berry College. At least one member must be from the community who has no direct affiliation with Berry College. The College Veterinarian, the Director of Research and Sponsored Programs (ex-officio member); and the Provost (ex-officio member) are also members of the committee. Members are appointed by the Provost for a three-year term and may be reappointed at the discretion of the Provost.


The IACUC typically meets on the first Friday of the month, as needed. Special meetings may be called as deemed necessary for the performance of IACUC responsibilities. A simple majority of the membership shall constitute a quorum.

Review of Protocols

Two hard copies of the Request for Protocol Review form that include signatures of the Principle Investigator (PI), Department Chair, and Dean of the respective school are required before final IACUC approval and initiation of any research may begin. In addition, a copy of the Certificate of Completion of the CITI – Animal Care and Use Training Module, Working with the IACUC, must also be submitted with the two hard copies of the Request for Protocol Review forms.

While not required, submission of an electronic copy of the Request for Protocol Review form and certificate of completion of the CITI - Animal Care and Use Training Module, Working with the IACU, to IACUC@berry.edu, may expedite the review and potential approval of a given research project.

 The IACUC is authorized to approve, withhold approval, or request modifications to requested new animal research or teaching projects, as well as suspend previously approved animal research and teaching projects.

Approved Research Projects

Animal research protocols can be approved for up to a three-year term.

Research projects lasting more than one-year are subject to a Continuing Review, annually for up to three-years. The PI will receive a written request two months prior to the anniversary date of the last review indicating that the continuing review is due. The PI provides a written statement about the progress and intent to continue the research project as approved. The request for continuing an approved protocol will be subject to the IACUC review process.

At the end of the third year of a protocol, the PI must resubmit a new Request for Protocol Review form and proof of training for that project. The project will be subjected to the IACUC review process.

Modifications or Amendments to Approved Protocols

Any modifications to an approved protocol, must be approved by the IAUCU prior to initiating any changes in that protocol. A letter requesting the modification including an explanation of the rationale for the change must be submitted to the IACUC ( IACUC@berry.edu) and will be subject to the IACUC review process. The PI will receive written notification from the Office of Faculty Research and Special Programs (FRASP) concerning the status of modification request.

Termination of IACUC Protocols

It is the responsibility of the investigator to notify the IACUC when a project is completed. Completed, withdrawn, or terminated projects are closed immediately upon notification. All animal use on a specified protocol is stopped. No further purchase or use of animals can be made under the specified protocol number. All closed projects are filed in the FRASP office for a three-year period from date of closure.

Animal Facility Inspections

 The IACUC is also responsible for other federally-mandated functions such as inspecting and evaluating all of the animal facilities, at least once every six months. Any deficiencies noted in an animal facility must be addressed within 30-days of receiving written notification from the IACUC.

Animal Care Concerns

The IACUC is responsible for reviewing and investigating any concerns involving the care and use of animals at the institution; and making recommendations to the provost regarding any aspect of the research, animal program, facilities, or personnel training. Concerns related to the welfare of animals can be reported to IACUC@berry.edu, the Provost ( provost@berry.edu), the College Veterinarian ( kruffner@berry.edu), the Director of RASP ( ddavin@berry.edu), or the IACUC – Chair ( ggallagher@berry.edu).