Training Institutional Animal Care and Use

One of the most important components of working with animals under any context is to recognize the importance of receiving training related to appropriate animal care and use. Berry College has contracted with the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative at the University of Miami (CITI) for access to online training opportunities related to animal care and use.

All principle investigators (PI) submitting a Request for Protocol Review form, must complete the CITI, Working with the IACUC, training module. A certificate of completion provided upon completion is valid for 3 years. The PI must submit a copy of the certificate of completion with the two hard copies of Request for Protocol Review form before the application will be reviewed. If the PI also chooses to provide an electronic copy of the Request for Protocol Review form, an electronic copy of the CITI Certificate of Completion of IACUC training is required as well.

It should be noted that additional individual species modules are also available without cost to the PI. Completion of individual species modules may also be required by the IACUC and for grants awarded by some funding agencies.

The PI is responsible for ensuring all collaborators and individuals working on a given research project complete the CITI – IACUC training module Working with the IACUC course.  Failure to complete training may result in suspension of the research project.

CITI – IACUC Training Procedure

To complete the CITI course you must first register at   

At the CITI Login and Registration Page, click Register for the CITI Course.

  • At the Select your institution or organization page, scroll down to the category All Others and select Berry College, then click the SUBMIT button.
  • At the Select Your Username and Password page, enter the requested information according to the instructions and click the Submit button.
  • At the CITI Registration Page, complete the form as instructed and when finished, click the Submit Information button.  

Note: If you are Berry College faculty/staff, please enter your employee I.D. number in the Employee Number space; if you are a student; enter your student I.D. number.  If you are neither of these (e.g., an IACUC community member), leave this space blank.

If you are a researcher, check the "Working with the IACUC Course" box under Question 2.