Teacher Ed Mission Statement

Teacher Education Mission Statement

We believe that teachers are Developers of Human Potential. Martha Berry, the founder of Berry College, saw potential where others did not in the Appalachian children for whom the Berry Schools and, later, the College were established. Like Martha Berry, we also believe the role of excellent teachers is to develop the potential every student has to gain a lifelong appreciation of learning; to acquire the basic skills and wide repertoire of thinking strategies with which to construct and evaluate knowledge; to become morally responsible and fully participating partners in a democratic society within an ever-changing world; to develop and enhance positive self-esteem; and to work cooperatively with others to foster changes in society.   

The mission of the college has long been to develop the head, heart, and hands of students through the academic programs, the religion-in-life program, and the emphasis on practical work. We believe that in order to be Developers of Human Potential, teachers should DO similar things: (1) Promote Reflection and Decision Making (head), (2) Facilitate Learning (hands), and (3) Enhance Self and Social Awareness (heart). Teachers who earn a degree from Berry College must model these roles in their classrooms and support all children in exploring their cognitive and affective growth. Teachers facilitate learning through effective use of technology, selection of appropriate content materials, and implementation of a wide range of instructional strategies.