Georgia GOAL Tax Credit

You can change the lives of students by redirecting a portion of your state income tax to our BCEMS GOAL Scholarship Fund through the remarkable tax credit program, Georgia GOAL. Your state tax dollars truly can create  ““Greater Opportunities and Access to Learning.”   

Simply put, Georgia GOAL is a tax credit program that enables you to tell the state that you would like a portion of your tax dollars to be used to fund scholarships for eligible students at BCEMS. In return, you receive a dollar for dollar tax credit from the state.

Georgia GOAL is a Win-Win-Win!

This remarkable tax credit program not only offers dollar for dollar credit to Georgia taxpayers (win), it opens up opportunities for students to attend BCEMS (win), and in turn, it truly benefits our entire school community through creating and supporting vibrant, healthy classroom communities (win). 

Who can be a 2019 Georgia GOAL Donor?

If you will owe Georgia taxes in 2019, you can receive a dollar for dollar tax credit toward your Georgia income tax liability for the amount you choose to redirect to GOAL:

The state allows Georgia taxpayers the following credits:

• Single filers – up to $1,000
• Married and filing jointly – up to $2,500
• Individual owner of an S-Corporation, LLC, or Partnership (pass- through entity) – up to $10,000
• C-Corporations – up to 75% of Georgia tax liability

How can I become a 2019 Georgia GOAL Donor?

The first important step is to complete a simple online form requesting permission to redirect a portion of your 2019 tax liability. The Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program office will then submit your request to the Georgia Department of Revenue on January 1, 2019.

Follow this link to the form online: 2019 GOAL Paperless Processing.

The second important step is to send in your contribution amount within the 60 day window after you have received approval from the Department of Revenue. You will most likely receive approval within the first two weeks of January 2019. The estimated 60 day window for 2019 GOAL Donors is early January to early March. GOAL will begin accepting contribution amounts on January 1, 2019.

Important Timeline

Georgia GOAL is currently accepting 2019 forms. It is never too early to complete the online process or send in your form.  It can be too late, though, so our best advice is for all who wish to be 2019 GOAL Donors to complete the online request to redirect taxes no later than December 1, 2018. 

We hope you will consider participating in this incredible tax redirection program. BCEMS is grateful for all of our GOAL Donors including parents, grandparents, alumni, teachers, administrators, and friends.  Your state tax dollars are truly a gift to our recipients, the students and families whose lives and futures are changed by the opportunity to attend BCEMS.  We thank you for your generous and continued support of our school through GOAL tax redirection.