Child Development Center Mission

Our mission is to provide a warm, family environment that fosters self-esteem and success, and a place where a love for learning can flourish in a creative multi-aged classroom.

Each child is encouraged to participate in a wide variety of motor activities including both large muscle and fine muscle. These gross motor and fine motor skills are a prerequisite to writing and reading.

Each child is assessed for age-appropriate skills, then offered opportunities to develop in areas of individual need. While allowing children to be children, without pushing them into experiences and concepts for which they are not yet ready, we encourage them to reach out and try new experiences. We involve the children in multisensory experiences; we provide self-discovery learning opportunities; we help them lengthen their attention span and concentration skills; we encourage expression through language, music, and art experiences; and we develop listening skills.

Children learn through play. Play is a child's business. Here, children learn problem solving, social skills of functioning in a group, table manners, desirable hygiene habits, safety rules, and recognizing and understanding the needs and rights of others. We dramatize real-life situations, we role-play, we fantasize in the housekeeping center, and we offer experiences that are necessary for success in all areas of life. We strive to develop attitudes of kindness, cooperation, courtesy, and helpfulness toward others. We encourage acceptance of responsibilities both for the individual and his/her group.

We acknowledge the existence of feelings and encourage socially acceptable ways of expressing these feelings. The staff recognizes the primary importance of each child feeling a sense of security and value as an individual. 

Children remaining in the center all day receive breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack, which is two-thirds of the minimum daily nutritional requirement for a child. The program participates in the CACFP (Child and Adult Care Food Program). Good meal habits are encouraged with food being served family style.